5 Things You Should Definitely Ask Your Booklet Printer

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There are some things that you should definitely ask your booklet printer right at the start. You do not want to waste all that time and money in doing business with the wrong kind of printing service of course. To make sure that your booklets turn out right with the right materials and the right price, it pays to be inquisitive and know all the important aspects of doing business with that printing firm.

As luck would have it, I have here a list of the five most important things that you should definitely ask that booklet printing service. By asking these questions about the booklets they make and how they are processed , you should be able to judge exactly if you will be getting the right booklet for you or not. So never forget to ask all these questions to your booklet printer.

1. How can I get some printing samples? – First up, you may want to get some printing samples. This might sound like a trivial thing, but there is real value in getting an actual booklet sample that the printing firm has done for another client.

While there is a big chance that they will give you the best representative of their work, there is value in seeing exactly how the best version of your color booklet will look like. If the booklet printing sample looks great and is of high quality, then definitely you have a promising partner in booklet printing indeed.

2. What are your various printing options for booklets? – It is important to also ask about the various printing options available for custom booklets. If you actually have an extensive choice for paper, inks, binding methods and other additional embellishments then of course it is well worth working with that service. The more the options, the more flexible you can be with booklet printing. So it is good to hire the booklet printing service with the widest array of printing options available for you.

3. How fast can you deliver? – It is important of course to ask how fast can a printer print your color booklets. Even if it is a hundred pieces or more, it should not take more than a week. In fact, the industry standard should be three to five days on regular prices and 1-2 days on the rush with rush costs (unless of course you are printing thousands of pieces).

If they take more than that, there is something wrong with their process or it is an amateur service really that you might not want to work with. So make sure you ask about the delivery speed or turnaround times so that you know what you are getting into.

4. What are your discount offers? – Of course, never ever forget to ask about discount offers. In a lot of cases, printers actually “politely” forget about some of their discount package offers in favour of the standard packages.

However, if you do ask nicely, in a lot of cases, that representative will give you that special discount in booklet printing. As long as you ask nicely and of course promise to come back again, you should get that discount offer that is actually available to most customers all the time. So make sure that you never forget to ask this very important question.

5. What are your guarantees? – Lastly, you should ask if the printing service for booklets offer any guarantees. Guarantees are legally binding statement that of course shows how confident people are with their product or service.  That is why it is best to look for these so that you can get some assurance that you will get your money’s worth in printing these booklets. Make sure that you get a straight answer so that you can confirm exactly what you will get.

So make sure you make a copy of these questions and of course directly ask them to your printing service. The more you know about the booklet printer, the more you can correct any mistakes or actually change printing services altogether if problems arise. Good Luck!

These easy and winning tips will allow you to keep your company’s name in the lead of your costumers.  For more ideas,  visit: booklets.


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