The Correct Ways to Make Losing Weight

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the majority of adolescents who are overweight (obese) to lose weight the wrong way. Teenagers do not know or do not pay attention to the correct way to lose weight because it only results-oriented diet, namely weight loss.

A study presented by a doctoral student at Temple University found students who were overweight (obese) have a great interest to lose weight.

But the intention to lose weight is realized by increasing consumption of cigarettes and soft drinks.

Obesity or overweight has a different meaning for everyone. In most women and men, obesity means being overweight far exceeds the desired weight.

But sometimes people are often confused by the definition of obesity and overweight, even though these two words have different senses. Obesity (overweight) is a situation where there is an excess accumulation of body fat, so that a person’s weight well above normal and can be harmful to health. While overweight (being overweight) is a state where a person’s weight exceeds the normal weight.

The definition of obesity according to the doctors is as follows:
1. A condition in which body fat is in an excessive amount
2. A chronic disease that can be treated
3. An epidemic disease
4. A condition associated with other diseases and can reduce the quality of life

Obesity occurs because of imbalance between energy intake with energy out. Body Mass Index (BMI) or Body Mass Index (BMI) has been recognized as the most practical method of determining the level of overweight and obesity in adults under the age of 70.

Results showed that, approximately 75.7 percent of obese students enrolled in public high schools of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania trying to lose weight.

The teenagers who try to lose weight have increased consumption of cigarettes and soft drinks. According to the data recorded, the reason the students consume fizzy drinks for weight loss is unclear. Possible consideration to lose weight by consuming soft drinks only out of habit.

According to data analysis, adolescent women who are obese are more likely to perform at least 60 minutes of daily physical activity compared with adolescent males who are obese on average spent only 3 hours a day for video games. “The students may not have a clear reason about the proper way to lose weight,” said Lenhart.

Lenhart has been involved in previous studies that found that students who are obese have increased risk of dangerous weight-loss behaviors such as binge drinking, use of certain pills are dangerous and use of laxatives.

“Instead of having health consultants, nurses, and doctors only to determine the BMI, would be more beneficial for the teens to get answers to questions about healthy habits and behaviors to lose weight,” said Lenhart.


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