What Causes Insanity? Insanity Causes of Pushing to the "Breaking Point"

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What causes insanity?  What are the main factors behind insanity?  Surely, insanity is something commonly misunderstood and typically carries a stigma in many people’s minds.  If you believe in the modern psychology definition then there are actually thousands of forms of insanity that a person can develop over a lifetime.  Many of them, such as depression, are only temporary, while others, such as social anxiety, require a lot of work from an individual to overcome.  Although there appears to be a similarity as to what actually causes most of the forms of insanity that people experience.  Which brings about the famous question: Is there a common and underlying trigger that compromises a person’s mental health stability?

Stress and anxiety along with other factors are often cited as the most common mental health issues as triggers.  A long history of continuous exposure to stress can push a person beyond their breaking point with that form of insanity being affected by many external variables.  This process is often long because a lot of people have a certain resistance to things allowing them to survive the stressful periods with their sanity still intact.  The process may never result in insanity with the large majority of the population being the example of this.  Prolonged stress though has been proven to affect a person’s outlook and behavior on life but many other factors have this same effect as well.  Stress and anxiety are major factors in many insanity causing cases but are not the only contributing factors.

Emotions are said to also a key role in pushing a person into insanity because feelings are very close knit with mental health issues.  A person’s emotion well-being and state are often major indicators of their mental stability.  There is no doubt that emotion can disrupt a person’s though processes and make them do things they typically would not do or engage in.  Emotions and feelings are so interconnected that they typically are major contributing factors to pushing a person to insanity.

Trauma is one of the most frequently cited variables to causing insanity, particularly if it occurs during a certain time period.  This extreme amount of emotional and psychological impact victims endure can often cause a person to go past their breaking point and enter into the realm of causing insanity.  Stress and anxiety are typically intertwined in with trauma to lead to insanity as well.  Vulnerability contributes to causes of insanity by exposing the mind to sensitive topics. 

Insanity is ultimately something that must be defined on each individual basis as no person has the same sanity as another.  Sanity for one person may be insane for another.  Insanity and causes of insanity are still up for debate but one thing most doctors and therapists can agree on though is many different factors and variables go into causing insanity.


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