Crawlspace Repair

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 Atlanta Crawlspaces strives to educate home owners on the dangers lurking underneath their floors and the wasteful energy loss in their crawlspaces.  At Atlanta Crawlspaces, we firmly believe knowledge truly is power.  We aim to reduce the number of families negatively affected by the condition of their crawlspace through increasing the public awareness of dangers caused by pollutants in their homes.  While increasing awareness, we will also provide an affordable, permanent solution that will protect those families for years to come .  Atlanta Crawlspaces will also provide a system to significantly reduce energy loss through the crawlspace providing the consumer, and world, with the lasting benefit of using less energy.  We strive to achieve these goals while providing an honest, safe, and responsible working environment with e

First we clean the entire crawl space and remove all debris in bags to a designated area outside.  Upon completion of the job, all bags are loaded into our trucks and removed from your premises.  We also remove any old pre-existing insulation and tie up any loose wires.

When waterproofing is required a trench will be dug around the perimiter of the crawl space.  Drain tile (4 in. perforated) is installed and then the area is covered with stone.  The drain tile is then connected to either your existing sump pit or a new one which we will install.  If needed a 1/2 hp zoeller sump pump is then installed .  The sump pump ejection line is then run to a predetermined area outside.

If you have a concrete foundation, it is checked for cracks where outside water may be entering your crawl space.  If any are found, the cracks are injected with a 2 part epoxy which will permanetly repair the leak.  If you have a cinderblock foundation, it will be wrapped with drainage board thus diverting any water that might be leaking through the cinderblock into the drain tile system.  The water can then be ejected properly to the outside.

The vapor retarder is one of the most important components for a healthy and useful crawl space.  Atlanta Crawlspaces uses a 10 mil. Vapor retarder.  All vapor retarders are not created equal.
     Our Vapor Retarder is:
A. Is rated .006 perms where as most other vapor barriers are rated at. 0.35 perms.  Achieving 0 perms is impossible but the closer to 0 the better.  For more info see concrete facts -section department of  enegery.
B. Made from virgin polyethylene membrane manufactured using woven high-densinty fibers yealding the highest stregnth of any product of its kind.
C.  Designed to prevent moisture migration from the ground of the crawl space.  It guards aginst mold, mildew, allergens, fungus, radon and methane gas.
D.  Then overlapped 12 inches at the seems and taped air tight.
Some vapor retarders breakdown when they are places between the ground and the concrete.  They break down from coming into contact with certain alkaline soils as well as coming into contact with concrete. Our vapor retarder does not.  You will receive nothing but the best when it comes the Vapor Diffusion Retarder Atlanta Crawlspaces uses.

The Americn Lung Association and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) both recommend that concrete floors to be installed in crawl spaces.  Concrete can not be punctured like all plastic liners.  Would you just put a plastic liner in your basement?  The next step is for the concrete truck to arrive. We run our concrete hoses from the street, thus not cracking your drive from the weight of the concrete trucks.  The concrete we order contains stealth fibers which reduces the possibilities of the concrete cracking.  Using our concrete pump, the concrete is pumped directly into your crawl space through a 4 inch hose thus eliminating any damage being done to your lawn, landscaping, driveway and most importantly the inside of you home.  Pumping in 3 1/2 to 4 inches of concrete it is then levelled and float finished by hand.  The concrete goes directly from our pump into the crawl space.  Once the concrete has cured completely, usualy 2 weeks, Atlanta Crawlspaces Inc. has now converted your CRAWL SPACE into a SAFE DRY PLACE!!!!!

The EPA States:                                                                                                                               
Fact: Vapor intrusion is the migration of volatile chemicals from an uncovered subsurface of a crawl space.  Volatile chemicals emit vapors and can emit hazardous vapors.  In some cases these vapors cause acute health effects or aesthetic problems.

The U.S. Department of Energy States:                                                                                         
Fact:  Not all vapor barriers are created equal.  The most popular vapor barrier used is 6 mil.  Polyethylene usually comprised of low density scraps left over from much larger cuts the manufacturer made.  A 6 mil. vapor barrier barely qualifies as a vapor barrier.  A vapor barrier has to have a rating of 1.0 perms.  Most 6 mil. vapor barriers have a perm rating of about 0.35.  A Perm (permeability) is measured at 73.4 degrees and measures the number of grains of water vapor passing through a square foot of material per hour.  The term vapor barrier is incorrectas well. That implies that the material stops all moisture transfer.  The correct term is vapor diffusion retarder (VDR).  Since every material allows some vapor to diffuse the term VDR is accurate.

The American Lung Association States:                                                                                         
Fact:  Poor indoor air quality can cause or contribute to the development of chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma.  In addition, it can cause headaches, dry eyes, nasal congestion, and fatigue.  Biological pollutants, including molds, bacteria and pollen promote poor indoor air quality.  It is estimated that some homes indoor air quality can be two to five times-and ocassionaly 100 times worse than the air quality outside.  The EPA has declared poor indoor quality as one of the top five urgent enviromental risks to the public.

The American Lung Association States:
Fact:  Radon is a tastless, colorless and odorless gas that is a decay product of uranium and occurs naturally in the soil, rock and all other types of earth.  Radon gas has been identified as the second leading cause of lung cancer.  Radon enters you home mainly through an unconditioned crawl space.  Anywhere you have exposed earth.  A level of 4 picocuries(pCi/L) of radon has been identified by the EPA as the ACTION level.  A level of 4 is equilivent to 200 chest X-rays a year.  However eliminating Radon Gas is impossible.  Steps can be taken to almost eliminate the radon level in your crawl space as well as your house. 

 We hope that this helps with all your crawlspace questions,


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