What is Enzyme?

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They are energized protein molecules and responsible for all biological activities going in our 60 trillion cells and are essential for every chemical reaction which takes place in our body. From digesting the food that we eat and unlocking the nutrient to activating our immune system and producing energy in our body.

Without them, all nutrients including vitamins, minerals and trace minerals cannot be utilized properly. A person who are deficient are prone to a myriad of health problem and accelerated age.Many will suffering chronic ailments, such as arthritis, diabetes, allergies, skin diseases, cancer and immune deficiencies and all this were cause by low enzyme levels.

You can find an enzymes in a raw foods, but they are more heat sensitive than the vitamins, and are destroyed when heated more than 50 degree Celsius or 122 Fahrenheit. All form of cooking such as boiling, steaming and etc, will destroy the enzymes 100 %. In fact, every time you eat them, you will use the enzymes reserve in your body. This will cause a burden to the body, when energy can be conserved for repairing our body.

Each individual is born with an “enzymes bank” or “enzymes potential”, and when started to get low, we will have a health breakdown. Each time you eat you are making the enzymes to run out as digestive enzymes are being used to digest food. While eating enzymes rich raw foods is good, it still doesn’t count as a “deposit” but it will only “offset” with the one used to digest them. We also lose enzymes during sweat and body waste. If you’d like to improve your health or increase your lifespan you should take more enzymes supplements.

*Fact: A 70 year old person has only half enzymes than 20 year old persons.

There are various types of enzyme- digestive, metabolic and food enzyme. Each of it has a specific function. For example, amylase breaks down carbohydrates, lipase fat and protease protein. Some such like SOD function as a potent antioxidant and involved in energy production. Others enzyme such as bromelain and papain are proteolytic enzyme with anti-inflammatory properties.

Each fruit and vegetables has a unique enzyme. The best form of enzyme supplement should have multitude of source. Digestive enzyme usually contain isolated enzyme such as amylase, protease or lipase. Better get enzymes from whole food source and multiple fruits and vegetables so you can receive a wider spectrum of enzymes.

Fresh raw fruit and vegetables are rich in enzymes but it’s hard to eat enough variety to get a full spectrum of enzymes and nutrient. But nutrient can be preserved through fermentation by using specific healthful microorganisms. It will increase the level of enzyme and produce more nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and phytonutrients) and will be more bio-available to the body.

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