Find What to Wear to A Wedding

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 Read the complete invitation to determine if the wedding is going to be formal or semi-formal. This will help guide you on determining the length and “richness” of the dress. Also take note of the time of day.

If the wedding is going to be formal and in the morning. You will need to select a dress that will compliment your style. If it’s the months between Jan-March choose something that is a darker color due to the colder climate. April – September select lighter colors if the wedding is in the morning. October – December Select a neutral color as not to take away from the bride and to also keep warm.

During the Spring/Summer months you will want to select a color that brings out your natural glow. If you are not in the wedding do not match the colors of the bride. The bridal colors can usually be known from the wedding invitations and by attending the bridal shower.

Also try to go with short sleeves and a sash to keep you warm if you tend to get cold quickly.

In the fall and winter months long sleeves are appropriate. Avoid wearing black at a wedding. Although winter colors are not as bright a beige, grey, royal blue, or tan is appropriate. Again you will want to avoid wearing the bridal color scheme.

After five attire. This is one area that is kind of grey and is also close to a semi-formal event. You will want to wear a nice color that will allow for you to be comfortable. However you can wear nice slacks instead of a skirt to accent a nicely decorated blouse.

If you decide to wear something semi-formal and are not quite sure if it’s a formal event carry some extra pearls and accessories to dress up the outfit. Most of the time you will be sitting down so no need to worry if you accidentally wear the wrong thing. The bride will be one at the center of attention.

*  Finding the right outfit takes time.

*  Try carry extra accessories when needed.

*  Shop around to find your color for the summer.

*  Avoid looking better than the bride.

*  Avoid dressing in the bridal colors unless you are in the wedding.


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