Improving Your Self-Esteem in 6 Ways

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I seem to have lost count on the many times I have heard and read of celebrity marriages failing almost everyday.  I don’t really care that much but it does seem strange that we basically see these movie stars and celebrities as flawless people with the perfect bodies and these riches.  Eventually, we all have to face reality and stop sticking our heads in the clouds and just be happy with ourselves.

There are a multitude of ways to lose your sense of self-esteem despite how trivial it can get.  But, what is most important is not losing our sense of self.  Self-esteem and our sense of self are extremely important and must be maintained at all costs.

So, what does it take to have a high-self esteem?  Here are my helpful tips to improving self-esteem and getting on track to having a more positive outlook on life and about yourself.

Have A Sense of Purpose: Don’t wander through life with little direction just hoping that you will eventually find happiness and prosperity.  Identify your life purpose or mission statement that will lead you to a successful and prosperous path.

Establish and Know Your Values: What exactly do you value most?  List your top 5 values.  Examples would be security, freedom, family and spiritual development.  Check your goals and make sure they are in line with how you want to improve your self esteem.  The number should not discourage you away but rather it should motivate you to continuing to improve your self esteem.

Recognize Your Needs: Not meeting your needs can prevent you living a happy life.  You must take care of yourself.  Make a list of your top 4 or 5 needs that you absolutely must have and work this into improving your self-esteem.

Live From Inside Out
: Increase your own awareness of your own inner wisdom by reflecting each day quietly somewhere in your house.  This will really help ground you and improve your self-esteem.

Know Your Passions
: Recognize what you truly love in life.  Obstacles such as lack of enthusiasm and doubt will hinder your movement toward self-improvement.  You must express yourself and honor the people who have inspired you.  Self-improvement is not always an individual thing – others can help you work toward your goal.

Be Sure to Serve Others: Self-improvement is not all about serving yourself.  Serving others will allow you to appreciate life more and see how others are living.  Reward yourself by rewarding others with your help and spirit. 

Self-improvement is an absolute essential in life.  Building up your self-esteem and self-confidence will help lead to a more happy and fulfilling life.  The difference will be within you and how you personally want to change for the better.


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