Love For: How to Change the World

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It has been said before, what you resist persists. Negativity creates more things to feel negative about, more things you do not want in your life. Positive thoughts attract more positive energy, bringing goodness and blessings into manifestation. Thinking about what you are against, fighting what you don’t want, summons more of the same.

This is the law of attraction at work, bringing you more of what you feel strongly about whether you want it or not. If you want to create change and make things better, forget about what you are against and decide what you are for. Once you have decided what you are for, don’t fight to achieve it, don’t struggle or think about how hard it is to achieve. Instead, act with love to accomplish your goal. Do something positive and loving to get what you want, instead of something aggressive and negative. So instead of fighting against hunger, love for abundance. Instead of fighting against drugs, love for sobriety. Instead of fighting against terrorism, love for peace. Decide what you want and love for it

  • If you are trying to solve hunger, fighting against it will create more starvation. Instead, increase the amount of food available to the needy by creating policies that are pro-active, such as using existing farm subsidies to grow surplus food for distribution in poor countries. Promote the growth of victory gardens so families can spend less on food and more crops raised by farmers can be exported to poor areas.
  • If you want to stop people from taking drugs, fighting a war against drugs will create more addiction by making narcotics more profitable. People addicted to drugs who want to get help often feel stigmatized and fear prosecution so they avoid asking for assistance. Instead, de-criminalize narcotics, tax their sale, and use the revenue raised to create medical programs to help people recover from addiction and educational programs to teach people the realities of drug use.
  • Fighting a war on terrorism creates more enemies and generates more hatred of our nation. So being against this or fighting against that doesn’t solve any problems, it just makes them worse. Instead, promote trade, women’s rights, and free speech, and support the economies of beleaguered nations like Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Iraq to empower people to improve their own lives and provide more support when human rights violations decrease.
  • If you want to get prostitutes off the street, legalize the act of prostitution but make public solicitation illegal. This will allow those with no other way to make money to work safely out of sight from their homes. Use licensing fees and new tax revenue to build shelters for battered women and help promote safer sex practices.
  • If you want to reduce teen pregnancy, promote the use of birth control and provide education that takes a realistic look at the cost of being a parent, and promote activities that boost the self-esteem of young girls so they want something better for themselves than being a mother before they are old enough to deal with it.
  • To reduce gang violence create employment programs for underprivileged youths, legalize the use of drugs so cartels have less profit motive in poor areas, and subsidize job creation in blighted neighbourhoods.

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