Care For The Elderly Is Here

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Nursing care of the elderly is something that has been neglected or ill for some time. As we age, we become subject to a number of risks. A major concern is slips and falls. The statistics associated with these accidents are shocking. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

• One in three adults aged 65 or older fall at least once a year.

• Falls are the leading cause of injury deaths in this age group.

• Most of the old non-fatal injuries and injuries that require treatment in hospital, suffered in a fall.

• More than 18 000 adults in the United States died from injuries sustained in a fall in 2007 alone.

• Falls can prevent the elderly to live independently and increase the risk of early death.

• Falls are the most common cause of brain damage, while most of the fractures sustained by older people due to the decline.

This is not a reason to avoid your parents or elderly relatives live a full life, healthy and independent. Rushing to find a nursing home is not the only option, because these cases do not occur in institutions for the elderly as well. The advantage is that help is at hand immediately.

What are your options then?

Make sure your elderly parents are fit and exercising regularly is very important. A campaign in the United Kingdom has recently seen the elderly as a Nintendo Wii to enjoy a safe and fun exercise. It was just one example of how technology can be beneficial.

Home systems, panic button, as offered by Call4Care, are another way to give you peace of mind. These systems will remain in close contact with the relatives of an operator of an emergency at any time of day. Except for operators to respond to minute pressure, are trained to assess the emergency and respond to questions. Number of products also track any concerns they may have, such as falls, and immediately notify in case of emergency. The advantage of using these systems is that your loved ones can continue to live independently in the comfort of your home, but still leaves with confidence.

Older elderly is not easy, so act now to reward your family with a quality of life.


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