How to keep children active and fit

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Children are powerhouse of energy and stamina.Here are some ways to keep them active day long and protect their health as well.

  1. Donot allow the children to sit infront of television or computer whole day.Balance television and computer time with activity and play time.More time spent infront of a monitor affect the eyesight and health of the children.Switch off the television and make your children to play outside.Enrol them in any sports if they have interest.For the younger kids make a play area in the garden if available with ropes and ladders.
  2. Encourage your children to make lots of friends.They can play together variety of games.They will develop feeling of sharing and companionship.
  3. Set specific times of homework,television and computer and play.Help them to adhere to the timetable.
  4. Make exercise a fun time and do it together with the children.Play games or take a walk.Join in fitness programmes like karate,yoga etc.Organize nature walks in the nearby gardens in the morning and encourage other children to also come.
  5. Donot let the children to gorge on fast food every day or when ever you go out.Children should have meals at proper times.They can have outside food once in a while or even better if it can be made at home without empty calories.
  6. Active families are tend to be healtier and closer.Devote weekends or holidays for family fun day.Go for swimming,squash ,cycling or visit to the local parks.
  7. Try some fun activities like dancing or skating at home with the children.They will also love to splash in homemade pool.

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