How to remain fit while in office

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Fitness has become the latest buzz word in the corporate world not only for a healthy body but for a holistic approach to life.Cut throat competition,nightmarish working hours and job related stress take their toll on the health of majority of the working executives. So while working it is important to pay attention to one’s fitness as well. Here are some of the easiest ways to remain fit while in office.

  1. Brisk walk around the office in the morning for couple of minutes will boost blood circulation.You can walk in the rooms or to the cafetria.
  2. Stop taking elevator and start walking up the stairs to your room.It will hurt initially but later your body will get used to it.You can see the difference it makes with in few months time.
  3. Take short breaks to stretch at the desk and release stiffness of the muscles.You can take your calls while stretching.
  4. Take a breath of fresh air and stretch holding the window sill or bars.Alternatively you can use your table.
  5. Go for low calorie snacks during lunch time.Order low cal snacks for your meetings.It will make you alert and sharper.Fibre rich diet is nutritious and easy on the system.
  6. Donot fill yourself with unlimited cups of coffee and tea.They only increase the acidity and will affect the stomach lining.
  7. Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day as it cleanses the body and takes care of the skin.
  8. Donot bottle up the stress.Try and cultivate a rich spiritual outlook.Communicate with your co-workers and develop healthy attitude to life.Be positive and you can see the difference it makes to your life.
  9. Give rest to your eyes while working on computers after every 20 minutes.

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