Video Game Music Remixes: A Whole New World

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You know video games.  You play an RPG from start to finish, plunging yourself into the 40+ hours of dialogue, action, and strategy.  When the quest is over there is nothing more to the game to experience, right?

Wrong!  The concept of video game music remixes has completely changed the post “I spent up all night beating that final boss” experience.

There is a whole world out there dedicated to the realm of the video game music.  Music has always played such a crucial role in video games from their very beginning.  Who can’t hum the Super Mario World theme or feel like they’re in an arcade when they hear the Pac-Man tune?  Reliving the life of a video game through remixes allows you to remember those tough battles or memorable moments in a way that is new yet familiar.

Music remixes usually carry the same tune as the original but to a different theme.  Completely different instruments, styles, tempos, and arrangements are common.  They can have a new feel, or simply sound like the original with a special twist.  Check out these different styles of remixes and compare them to their originals.

Jenova Returns (originally JENOVA Complete, Final Fantasy 7) [original] [remix]

This remix takes the original techno-sounding track and turns it into a full orchestral production.  It brings out a sense of adventure and a cinematic effect to the fight that takes place in the game.  This is one of my favorite remixes.  Keep in mind that this track was composed, performed, recorded, and edited by a single person.

Hearts Anxiety (originally Anxious Heart, Final Fantasy 7) [original] [remix]

By keeping the dark, solemn tone of the original track this remix expands on the composition while keeping its familiarity.  I enjoy this track because it reminds me of how the story of the game changed when this music was introduced.  The remix captures the feelings of the characters and the tone of the game.

LetsGoDance! (originally from Lemmings) [original not found][remix]

The original track to this remix is so old that I couldn’t find the original track or name, but anyone who has played the old DOS game Lemmings will recognize it instantly.  This style of remixing keeps the original track while using modern-day synthesizers to give it a newer feel.

Da Pipes (originally Underground Theme from Super Mario Bros. 3) [original] [remix]

Now here we have a true techno remix.  This track takes the original and brings in an entirely electronic feel.  While the melody remains the same, the track itself is transformed into a theme that would fit the style of today’s gaming music.

Although there are so many different ways to remix a track, this music offers a way to experience the life of a game in a new and refreshing way.  If you are interested in finding remixes to your favorite games check out  This is the best place to find any remix.  Their library is vast and contains only the best remixes around.  Browse around and find that perfect remix that takes you back to your favorite game!


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