My Burning Heart

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I saw her at my sister’s wedding; she was the only star of my sky.

It was love at first sight; my burning heart, for her, wanted to cry.

Her beautifully dark, pitch hair shined up the dimmed wedding hall.

But it was her amazing and heavenly light brown eyes that made me fall.

I didn’t know her status; my burning heart started to ach and panic.

I hope she is single, for my heart is drowning in blood like titanic.

Looking at her awe, priceless smile, my heart skips beats.

I’m becoming unconscious; the love burn in my heart peaks.

She’s a necessity to my heart; I need her to pure.

My heart is burning more and more apart for her love; I need her to cure.

The night grows darker, with her family, she goes depart.

I beg for her name, for my burning heart rips painfully apart.


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