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Words that tell us what people do or what happens are called verbs.

Examples: drink, get, and go.

When we want to talk about what people did or what happened some time ago, we use the past tense of verbs

Examples: drank, got, and went.

I drank cold last week.

I got a sore throat.

I went to the doctor.

She gave me medicines.

I got well.

We use `a’ or `an’ when we mean one of something. We do not use a before plurals.

We cannot say a birds x (wrong) or a trees x (wrong).

We do not use a before things that we cannot count, like milk, sugar or water.

We say a glass of milk (It is Wright) or a kilo of sugar (it is Wright).

We never say `a milk’ (it is wrong) or a sugar (it is wrong).

`An is’ used instead of a before words that begin with a vowel (a, e, o u).

A city, a river-an engine, an orange

`An is’ also used before words that begin with a silent h. an hour but a house.

When we talk about something for the first time, we use a or an. If we talk about it again, we use the.

 There was a jamun tree near my house. The tree was twenty years old.

We use some and to talk about things that cannot be counted.

May I have some water, please?

I don’t want any food.

However, sometimes some and any can also be used for countable things.

There aren’t any hospitals her.

However, there are some medicine shops.

We use many before things that can be counted.

I have many pets.

There are many pencils in this drawer.

Some words such as he, she, and it they can take the place of nouns.

We use them when we don’t want to repeat a noun.

We use it when we talk about an animal or a thing.

Ira goes to the park every day. She likes to play cricket with her friends. Sammy is Ira’s brother. He is a good bowler. They love their dog Sputnik- it follows them everywhere.

We use the words I, me, we and us when we talk about ourselves. We use you for the person we are talking to. I like grapes. Please me some. Will you have a banana?

The other common words that are used instead of nouns are him, her, and them.

This is Sona’s skirt. Give it to her.

This is Sudhir’s shirt. Give it to him.

Ask them put the clothes away.  


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