Stop Press For Breaking News! ‘five Personalized Dieting Practices to Achieve Quick, Permanent & Tailored Weight Loss’

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“A diet is a plan, generally hopeless, for reducing your weight, which tests your will power but does little for your waistline.”

~Herbert B. Prochnow

Before we begin to write this article can you answer these three important questions? Are you feeling? Fatigued. Are you flustered about your health?  And lastly, would you like to feel fit, fabulous, and full of energy? If you answer is a big ‘YES’ for all these questions. You are in luck. Well, this article is here to help. It will somehow teach you to adjust your diet and lifestyle to tone your body, burn more calories and feel fantastic about yourself.

By the way, there is one caveat though! You must take all the efforts and time to prepare yourself well before you embark on this wonderful tips outlined in this article. Sound easy as pie? I truly believe so!

During this preparation time, you might want to draw from the following recommendations for practicing your personal diet tactics!

Let’s proceed to practice number one without further delay! Right?

Practice No. 1. Exercise the “yes” tactic on behalf of your Thin Self, not Your fat Self,

Correct me if I am wrong, Human being as have the good and bad sides. The bad side or the fat self has its own resistance tactic for saying “yes” to itself. And never for your health benefits. This is why you must observe and learn to distinguish between your opposing food desires. Your Fat or evil Self may attempt to confuse you to which stimulate the desire in saying “yes” Eye opening encounter?

Next up, let move over to practice number two. Any questions? If ‘no’ then let proceed!

Practice No. 2. Saying “no” is not the only tactic for controlling your desire to overeat.

 Important, listen to this. Believe me, other personal tactics to restore your control includes saying “yes” to your being in being in control. Uttering ‘yes’ to timing your meal   to the benefit of your daily schedule. ‘Yes’ to choosing what foods you will eat. And the last ‘yes’ to defusing the binge-trigger trick by de-fatting the food being “secretly” suggested. . Get my drift?

Let’s give a loud shout to practice number three! Right?

Practice No. 3. Always practice the compromise tactic only when your health is endangered.

Let’s face it. If truth has to be told it must be said square to our faces. Hence without doubt, if this practice is to be performed well, we have to always simultaneously apply with other personal tactics. I define only when needed as the extreme point that you know is your threshold or breaking point. Your program is not designed to hurt you or to make you feel   like you are entering a torture chamber. Your compromise tactic is one of the ways out of such thoughts. It is also one personal tactic your Fat Self may try to steal right out from under you if you do not support it by practicing other personal tactics at the same time.

Moving on, let cross over to yet another interest practice detailed in number four.

Practice No.4. Be flexible to practice other tactic only when synergy is achieved

To be brutally honest there are also some other tactics and its role in your life can be expressed in myriad ways, and all of them carry    the same message. Our fat self-will deceives us there is no real connection between what you eat and how you look or feel about yourself.  In truth, you may feel physically uncomfortable or emotion all distraught because you overate, but your Fat Self considers these feelings of discomfort only temporary and a small “price” to pay for the pleasure of eating. Even if you think you may gain weight as a consequence, you will not believe, it, because you cannot see or even feel the added pounds in the foods you are eating. To reverse this unrealistic attitude, remember this: those added pounds are not temporary, nor can they he wished away. Our fat self can cause more havoc. It’s tip of the ice berg

Hello! Just don’t underrate the last of the five practices. It may be the last but it’s no way the least of them. Here goes!

Practice No. 5. Perform your personal trick tactics in response to your desire to overeat,

Seriously and jokes aside let me say this. At times you need to ‘trick’ or ‘bluff’ your fat self. For example, if TV food commercials don’t bother you, but the sound of your twelve-year-old chomping a peanut-butter sandwich sends you racing for the loaf of bread, try picturing pea nut butter rotting the roof of your mouth instead of just sticking to it. Or, instead of responding to the sound of eating fat food  reverse the sound to that of eating thin and reach for a raw vegetable or fresh fruit snack instead.  Time will tell whether what is said here is ‘gospel’ truth or not!

To recap, let’s re-study the practices at a glance. Firstly, exercise the “yes” tactic on behalf of your Thin Self, not Your fat Self. Secondly, saying “no” is not the only tactic for controlling your desire to overeat. Thirdly. always practice the compromise tactic only when needed. Fourthly, always practice the compromise tactic only when needed. And lastly, perform your personal trick tactics in response to your desire to overeat. Easy to remember? I think so, if you ask me.

Since you are now reading this final paragraph of this article, you ought to congratulate yourself, you deserve it! From this point on, your life won’t be problem-free but you’re in fine shape to handle whatever comes your way Don’t rest on your laurels, though. Keep pursuing self-enhancing weight loss activities and dreams. Your life will be that much more gratifying and healthy for it. Need I to say more. End

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