The Cases of Pacquiao And Marquez Third Fight

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When Manny Pacquiao goes into the ring to fight Juan Manuel Marquez is expected to put an end to perhaps the greatest rivalry with a dominating performance that seems a little unfair to the fighters given the history between these two warriors of all time.

Is this really based on the style and skill? How much is based on things that may not mean much in a cordoned-off square?

I think if there was room for separation between these two, which would have seen more than 24 rounds. I’m sure that if you gathered all the dashboard in the world, totaled and averaged them out, would get a draw. The judges of the training should take account of these struggles as their final exam. I came up with two draws (113-113 and 114-114).


You may recall that Manny was going to crush the “Mexico City Terminator” (you can not hold down) in the second fight of many of the same reasons that are expected to do so in the third. Pac-Man was faster and younger than JMM then, too, but it was his new right hand that would be the difference, and it was not a factor.

This time people are pointing the weight limit of 144 pounds as the reason that Marquez has so little chance to win. I’m not sure it will become a big deal when all is said and done. First, the lightweight champion enters the ring around 145, which is only a few pounds lighter than his opponent has heavy lately. In fact the difference in weight is probably less than it was for revenge.

I have no doubt that Pacquiao is a top welterweight who is best suited to go against bigger fighters for reasons of speed and style. Marquez does not have the spring in the legs dart in and out. Standing in front of the guys who are 160 + pounds would not be good for him.

That said, the great are not at the level of skills Marquez wise and bring to the difficulty of style either. Provided they do not mess around with your body too, will be a stronger fighter and will not have to cut any diet or weight in the last days. I’m really excited to see two fighters who were not 10.15 pounds lighter yesterday.

Frankly, a lot of this material on the weight comes from the way Floyd Mayweather shut him down and out a while back and I think it had more to do with money than anything else. In addition, Pacquiao is a totally different opponent.

In my opinion, the greatest challenges facing Pacquiao Marquez assedness evil and their own mileage. 37 is old in boxing and Marquez has been in your part of the wars in recent years. However, he seems a man who takes good care of your body, why is still at this level.

“Dynamite” is not as explosive as it was when these two met, but I think it is totally right about Pacquiao. When was the last time she saw him pull the left hand with the same hell that was a bit of her when she was young? I’m in the minority in that I think Manny has lost a little off his fastball in recent years. He has more tools to rely on this point, but definitely not left holding so often, or with the same speed, as did the first time he started beating everyone.

All four takedowns in the 2 previous fights have been the result of the devastating left. Mosley showed that Manny can keep warm by simply turning to his right hand, much less deadly, and I imagine Nacho JMM and use that tape as well as their experience to their advantage. Moving away from the left hand is half the battle, and they should know.

As for his right to reduce the normal production of Manny in the middle and if it is landing huge left hand with consistency, people are going to be silent. These rounds slow, no doubt, for the man who thinks slient Marquez. You will need to remain calm for 7 or 8 of 12 to have the opportunity to ensure that elusive victory and a guarantee of $ 10 million payday for a fourth meeting.

Can you keep your underwear on the mat this time? Manny almost knocked him out twice. There is no way around this fact.

At this point, I feel that if Marquez kept his feet on the ground for 12 wins, but Pacquiao can fall or stop him at any time.

It is a struggle, even near me, with a slight edge to Manny, because he is younger and can change everything with one punch.

I’m looking forward to seeing these two great shock at least once more.


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