Make Your Computer Runs Fast in Doing These 5 Simple Ways

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Nobody likes to use a slow computer. You want your computer quick and responsive, either brand spanking new or four years old. Follow our tips to keep you zoom along the information highway, regardless of the age of your PC!

1. Run the essential elements
The most basic thing you can do to speed up your computer is also one of the quickest changes you can make – close applications that are not necessary! If you are working in Excel, the chances that you have to open Word at the same time are slim. Open software limit to what you are currently using. This also reduces distractions and helps you do your job faster.

If you have an application that does not close stubborn, treat it as an application and kill it through Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete and select Start Task Manager.

Your computer starts some programs automatically when you turn it. Some of these are necessary parts of the Windows operating system, but may be able to disable some applications. Open the program in question and go into Properties, or Options. Generally, the auto start options are in general or the launch configuration and will be labeled “Start when Windows starts.” Clear the check box and save the configuration change to keep the application to return the next time you reboot.

If you do not find such an option, there is a place to find the applications that start automatically. Be forewarned, this option is for advanced users – essential disable startup items can have catastrophic results. Do not kill autostart settings for anything you do not recognize!

Search the list of programs for items that can be eliminated

2. Fluff is not necessary
Unless you’ve built your PC from scratch and manually installed Windows, hands have touched a computer before. Heck, you might even have had some type of service performed in the configuration store immediately after purchase. The downside of all this activity prior to use is that applications that you probably never touch likely to have been installed and running on your computer.

To cope with this disaster pre-installed, go to Control Panel> Programs and Features and uninstall the unwanted elements. Things to avoid elimination of standard software packages including Microsoft, such as Office, software that is paid by active and Photoshop, and antivirus package. If you’re not sure something is or what it does, do your homework online and find the name of the software before you uninstall – better safe than sorry!

Additional software may also terminate on your computer after installing the applications they want. As you go through the installation process, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for install instructions. These will look something like “name of the installation utility for Internet Explorer / Firefox” with a checkbox next to it. Make sure the box is not checked, to keep unwanted software at bay.

3. Safe and easy navigation
Current versions of popular browsers (like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome) allow you to do much more than just web browsing its predecessors: the extensions and additions to your browser to do all kinds of things. Have you done something in your browser that displays an icon of unread account, or perhaps the Evernote clips websites with one touch? Then you are using extensions!

Did you know that these extensions require additional resources beyond the standard browser requirements to run? You can disable these items when you want to speed up your computer (and browser). The process varies somewhat based on your browser:

* Internet Explorer and Firefox Go to Tools> Manage Add-ons or (depending on version) and disable individual add-ons that is not used.
* Chrome Click on any of the supplements on the icons (located between the address bar and wrench icon) and select Disable. You can also click Manage extensions to go through the installation / ins enabled on a single page.

The browser add-ons can seriously hinder your speed
Internet Explorer comes with an option to start a whole without accessories, so you do not have to disable individual add-ons on a session by session. To access this version of Internet Explorer, click the Start button and type in Internet Explorer. You will see that there are two versions appear: Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer (No Add-ons). Select the second version, and will launch IE without any add-ons or plugins. To use a version with add-ons, simply launch IE in regular direct access.

4. Analysis time of antivirus
You may think that your antivirus program running at all times is the epitome of safe navigation. While it is true that the execution of exploration work during peak hours can keep your computer safe margin, which refers to a severe cost to speed. Most antivirus packages have a background task that runs at all times and explores new files when downloading, while operating with less demand for resources from your computer.

To keep your hours surfing free of any unnecessary burden antivirus, full analysis set during the hours are definitely not on the computer.

* Working Hours Day (9 am-5 pm) This works best if you use a different computer for business purposes.
* Early in the evening (6-7:30 pm) exploration while cooking dinner or relax after the workday.
* Late at night (1-4 am) Let it run while you sleep.

Find the hours that work best for you, and set its exploration program accordingly. Make sure your analysis in real time or on demand has also been enabled in setting your schedule!

5. Add a physical impulse
If you’ve done everything above and your computer is still weak, your last option is to upgrade the memory (RAM) on your computer. RAM acts as a type of short-term memory for a person, giving their programs more space to store the data while it is running. However, knowing what kind of RAM your computer needs and their installation can be tricky, so if you want to upgrade the memory in your computer, we recommend you call your local computer repair and allowing them to care for him.

A good cleaning
Keep equipment in top shape requires regular maintenance. Follow a maintenance program for their normal activities, do a little seasonal cleaning, and use Tecca maintenance tips to keep your PC on your fast!


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