Controlled Chaos In A Thai Mega Store

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One of the very first things that I do when I come in Thailand is go surfing for items that I want to have in my room all day.

There are such toiletries that I just don’t bring any longer because I would rather use the Lux liquid soap and the Thai toothpaste that I can have in any shop, mall or 7-11 in Thailand.

I also make real that the mini-bar is emptied by the bellboy directly upon arrival and I shop for beer, sodas, scraps, glaze and another snacks to get in the elbow room.

In Bangkok, I normally just go to the local 7-11 and in Pattaya I applied to go to Mike’s Shopping At Mall.  It doesn’t actually subject as the prices are not significantly different.

In Khon Kaen, since my girlfriend takes a car, we go to Tesco Lotus.  This is a store like to a Walmart back family.  It is perfectly huge and has everything from wearing apparel to auto provides, to bulk details to grocery store produce.

The center or mega store is a comparatively new experience to the Thai people.  Normally, they store at a little mom and pop type store.  Now they can get their shopping cart, fill it up, and just say “charge it” at the cash in register.

And the Thaïs store like they driving.  It is full pandemonium.  It is checked, with no anger, but there is no method acting to their fury.

When I go shopping at, it is either for one or two details, or it is the monthly or weekly jaunt.  So, I either head direct for the items I need, or go up one aisle and down the next and see each and every row in the store.

Aisles are either clear marked with large arrows or they are wide enough to accommodate two handcarts in the aisle at the one time.  And people tend to navigate the aisles the style they would a one-way or a two-way street.

The Thaïs do it their way.  They go from aisle to aisle, stopping and gossiping and blocking all that want to really shop, and give dirty looks if they have to run out of the way.

They will just stop for no reason some at the entry to an aisle alternatively of parking their cart out of the way. Then they continue completely unaware to anyone seeking to get around them low the aisle.

As in driving, they believe that the cart that is one inch ahead of the other has the tight of way and can do as it pleases and the handcart in the rear will just have to put up with it.

Standing in a straight line, and continuing a path open to other shoppers, is another conception that completely escapes the Thaïs.  It is all man or woman for him or herself as they near the registers.  Don’t flinch or blink or the lady to your left or right will cut right in.

Once you make it to the record and see out your wares, it is time to battle the crowd in the parking lot to get to the street to get the controlled pandemonium on the routes.

Browsing in Thailand is a not an experience for a beginner.  You will cause to earn all of your strength, not give in to the cart next to you, and put up with utter madness.  Enjoy.


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