Fitness Tips For Use When Exercising Outdoors

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Many prefer to exercise in the great outdoors rather than trapped at home or in a gym. There are many advantages to exercising outside that should be considered. Not only have studies shown that the air outside, in most cases, is healthier than that found in buildings, you also get a change in scenery which can help to keep you motivated. What do you do when the weather turns cold though and you dread going out into the elements? How do you stay safe and motivated? Here are some fitness tips to keep you up and moving even when the weather isn’t the best.

Wear layers while exercising. When you exercise, your body heats up. As you cool down though, you may become chilled. By wearing layers, you can remove articles of clothing as you start to heat up and then put them back on during the cool down process. A synthetic material is best for use next to the skin as it will draw sweat away from you. Cotton will leave your skin wet when you sweat so avoid it if at all possible. Next add a layer of insulation in the form of wool or fleece and then a final layer of waterproof, breathable fabric. Face masks and scarves are also helpful so consider purchasing these items too.
Watch the wind chill. This is more important than the actual air temperature. Wind can penetrate the clothing. When this happens, you will lost the insulating layer of air that protects your body. In addition, any area that you leave exposed is at risk of frostbite. Whenever the temperature drops below zero or the wind chill puts you at risk, exercise indoors or take a day of rest. If you feel you must exercise, take extra precautions so you do not expose yourself to the elements. Otherwise, you may miss out on your routine more than a day or two due to illness or injury.

Fitness tips which help you stay motivated during the cold winter months are very helpful. There are just a few to get you started. Many others are offered and you should be sure to check those out too. When you do, you can stick with your routine and feel better as a result.


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