Rather Than Re-Cooked, Frozen Meat Better Time

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At each division of sacrificial meat, there are always people who receive rations that are not depleted once abundant meal. Rather than repeatedly cooked, the meat should be stored in a fresh condition and frozen in freezer.

Expert on healthy living from Perpasti (Healthy Indonesia Autos Practitioners Association), dr Phaidon L Toruan, MM said that if the meat dishes are not cooked out then it should not be repeated more than 1 time. He said there are two reasons for not cooking the meat until repeatedly.

The first reason is the destruction of the protein content in the meat when cooked again, so that their benefits diminished. The more frequent re-cooked, the protein structure which is the main content in the meat will be more damaged and ultimately not useful.

“In addition, the body also need enzymes to break down proteins. Proteins damaged after the meat is cooked over and over again not only reduced benefits, but it will rob the enzyme-enzyme in the body,” said Dr. detikHealth Phaidon when contacted on Sunday (6 / 11 / 2011).

Not only the structure of proteins in meat are damaged, fat content and also the oil that is used for cooking will also change when heated repeatedly. The structure of the oil that has been heated more than once tended to turn into trans oils that are evil.

In the blood vessels, trans oil may indirectly increase the risk of inflammation that affects the elasticity of blood vessels. In addition, oil is also very potentially cause blockages in blood vessels.

Any condition that occurs in blood vessels will affect the work of the heart as the organ that pumps blood vessels. It is therefore not wrong to say that the habit of cooking meat until repeated also increase the risk of heart problems.

“On the way I think correct processing of food experts will be more competent to explain. But I think, rather than repeatedly cooked fresh meat would be healthier if frozen in the freezer for instance,” continued Dr. Phaidon.

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