Fight The Recession!

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Are you concerned about the outlook for your job? Are the prospects for the next 6 months to 1 year looking

bright or are you in a sector that is been hit hard by the economic down-turn? Are you about to graduate

and not sure where you should focus your job search? Now is the time to seriously look at your career path.

As the bleak job news surrounds us and the economy slips further into a recession, there are sectors of the

market place which offer continuing opportunities for growth.

Profit Magazine reported “Finding the right sales talent was one of the biggest concerns facing sales

organizations today.” The Manpower Inc. Annual Talent Shortage Survey reported “hiring sales

professionals as a top priority for the past 3 years.” Jobfox identified “Sales Representative/Business

Development as the most recession proof profession career”. Human Resources Development Canada

(HRDC) stated “Even with Canada & the US in a recession sales positions will continue to weather the

effects better than most other careers. “Sales and marketing workers tend not to lose or leave these jobs.

Clearly, a career in sales is and will continue to be in demand. I am sure you may be thinking; “I could

never become a sales person, I’m not……. “(You fill in the blank)! Many sales people never planned to

pursue a career in sales. They usually just ended up there due to some turn of fortune. Once they become a

successful sales person few would ever consider doing anything else.

Many quickly dismiss a sales career because of some common myths about sales people. I am sure you have

heard them but you need to understand that they are not the truth in most cases.

• Sales people have to be able to talk a lot. Top sales people in their fields are not talkers they are

listeners. They listen to your needs, your goals, and your problems.

• Sales people are aggressive. Aggression would turn off most buyers. It is more important to be sincere,

helpful, empathic, passionate and knowledgeable.

• Sales people lack ethics. Any professional should always put their client’s best interest ahead of their

own. Trust is essential to building a successful career. It’s never worth compromising your integrity.

• You are born a sales person. Was Tiger Woods born a great golfer? Great sales people are the result of

hard work, passion, motivation to excellence and most importantly training.

• The internet is going to replace sales people! HRDC said it best; “The increasing use of information

technology will likely increase opportunities in sales and marketing,”

Why Consider A Career In Sales?

Why do people pursue a career in sales? Personal satisfaction & growth, freedom from the office, unlimited

income potential, financial stability, perks (car allowances, trips, prizes, awards) and you can be an

entrepreneur without the usual financial risks associated with self employment.

Are you into career advancement? Did you know that over 85% of today’s CEOs, Presidents and senior

executives come from a background in sales & marketing?

How many jobs exist where you are truly paid on your performance? When everyone around you is

receiving a 1% or 2% cost of living increase or worse losing their jobs due to economic conditions, sales

people have been known to go out and make double digit increases in their annual compensation program.

If you want the ability to earn a six figure income then you should seriously consider sales


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