The Forgotten Corporate Website

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Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a corporate website great. The simple and easy to use structure is in place because the people behind the site put a lot of effort into trying to understand the user experience. If a website makes you forget about the technology behind it and lets you be in the moment to enjoy its functionality the site has done its job.

When a corporate website is too good it can pose a problem in the corporate environment for its developer. With the implementation of a site that looks simple upper management believes it can be outsourced. Without a firm understanding of what it takes to build the website company management believes it can be handled by anyone. The reality is that it’s a complicated structure connected to databases and servers to complete heavy transactions.

Whether your site serves product, sales, or press information there’s a good chance that there’s some serious programming logic taking place. The developer of the site in a corporate environment is used to simplifying the information he/she is discussing. By simplifying the information it’s easier to get the point across in meetings but it makes it more difficult to relay the expertise needed to make the site perform.

Depending upon who owns your website within the company determines the respect that it receives. No matter where the website ownership lies it tends to never get the funding that it deserves. The lack of understanding by the core team is an impediment to the future of the websites use. The vision can only go as far as the core team can see.

Social media has added to the difficulties by creating a concept that is difficult to measure. The seven-teen thousand Facebook followers you have are they truly helping you sell the company product? If so, how do you prove it? How do you go into a meeting and tie this one Facebook user to the product that was sold yesterday? This is the issue that is popping up in the corporate world today.

While agencies are able to create marketing ads to share on YouTube and social media platforms the corporate website still struggles to find its place. It’s the forgotten hero that started the online promotion in an environment that’s growing. Being blinded by the temporary glamour of social media companies are starting to transfer more of their marketing budget to these platforms without true evidence of a return. This leaves the website still searching for funding to improve the capabilities that were started then neglected for other projects.


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