More Ideas For Making Easy Money

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In today’s .com world, everyone is either trying to find or has found ways to put the internet to use for them. The following are just a few more ideas for making money on the net:

eBay. Quite possibly the best invention since the wheel, eBay has become the new town square for anyone who wants to buy or sell anything. But like the town square of old, there are also bandits who just want to take your money, which is why some folks avoid eBay out of fear of being taken. The solution? Find ads for things in local venues (Craigslist, local classifieds) at higher prices than you see on eBay. Buy them on eBay at the lower prices, then sell it at the higher price. If you get really good at this, and you get the timing right, you can even put the address of your buyer in as the shipping address on eBay, thus eliminating the need to actually re-ship the item. Not bad, huh? We thought of that ourself. Except for the thousands of other people who thought of it first.

Social Media Marketing. Everybody, and I mean everybody, wants to make money these days in social media. What is social media? In a nutshell, here’s your answer. Initially, the web was another avenue for companies to get their information out to folks-but it was all one-way, with no opportunity for feedback. Then Facebook, and Digg, and a bunch of other sites, changed all that by giving the average Joe a chance to create content on the web. Now everybody’s trying to figure out how to use those sites to make a buck. One way for folks who can write is to offer to talk up certain products on their blog, or in articles, or wherever, for which they get paid. But the sky’s the limit; if someone’s willing to pay you for it in the new Web 2.0, it’s legit.

Online Trading. Wall Street isn’t exactly on the average Americans love list these days, and with good reason. Those guys just make money. And if they can do it standing around on a floor in New York City, you know you can do it at home, with your computer, just as well. Sites like Scottrade and E-trade were the first ones to allow folks to trade online easily and cheaply enough that you could make good money doing it, but nowadays any broker will allow you 24-hour access to your accounts online. Besides, “day trader” still has a cool ring to it when people ask you what you do, even 10 years after the bubble burst on the net.

Websites. Once upon a time, you had to know weird-sounding languages like HTML and C++ to be able to design websites. Not anymore. The number of design-your-own, graphic user interface (GUI) websites out there is dizzying, and it really doesn’t cost much, either. You can make money by finding owners whose sites is not worthy of the idea they’ve had, offer to buy them out, redesign their website so it doesn’t suck so bad, and then sell it at a higher price. Or, you could just focus on the copywriting by contacting websites that have content that seems like it was written by a disgruntled three-year-old and convincing them you can help them make more money by rewriting their copy.


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