4 Steps to Boost Your Conversion Rate

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Although driving enormous traffic to your website is a good thing, it’s not enough to make a lot of sale. You need to make sure that each individual who pays your site a visit is a potential client; somebody who really needs your info product and who can afford it. It is only through this that you can boost your conversion rate.

Here are some tips to keep in mind in order to convert more potential clients to paying customers:

List building. After successfully getting your prospects to visit your website or blog, ensure that you don’t let them leave without signing up to your email marketing list. You need to get their email address and maybe, other contact information so you can easily communicate with them even if they forget to pay your site a visit again in the future. What can you do to get them to subscribe? First, ensure that your forms are very visible. Research suggests that it’s better if you put them on the upper right corner of your web page. You can also use those floating forms that will appear when your visitors try to close your website. It will help if you tell these people that it’s not an obligation on their part and if you make it clear to them that they can opt-out at anytime without questions asked. Giving out freebies will definitely increase your sign up rate in no time. So, consider giving out short eBooks, free newsletters, or invitation to your seminars.

Constant communication is the key. One thing that you need to know about selling something online is that people wouldn’t buy the first time they visit your website. You’ll need to do lots of convincing before they’ll swipe their credit cards. Keep in touch with these people and let them know you a bit more. When sending them newsletters, ensure that your tone is very friendly rather than “salesly.” Being too pushy wouldn’t really help you out. Earn their trust and get them to like you by simply giving them free answers to their questions and by mingling with them on forums and other social media networks. Convincing these people to do business with you will get a lot easier if they already trust you.

Drive more traffic to your website. Attract more potential customers on a daily basis. The more you attract, the better your chances of closing a sale. Make use of highly effective traffic-generating tools which include social media marketing and content based marketing solutions. To reach out to more people, I would suggest that you outsource some tasks. Get people to help you posts comments on forums and ghostwriters who can help you with your articles and newsletters.

Having great reputation is the key. You will not have a hard time convincing people to do business with you if you establish good reputation in the online arena. So, strive to be known as a legit seller who strives to make all his clients extremely happy.


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