Living Within Your Budget

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It not a secret that most people live far beyond their means; from those expensive cars to high rated mortgages but have you ever thought why would someone spend so much money  with no good source of income. The main reason is that, people lack training in regards to money matters. They fail to understand that you cannot spend what you don’t have or expect to have. 

The key to any spending is not to spend more than you can make.  It is simply living within your means. It is true that most people will find themselves struggling because their spending habits are out of control and don’t know how to change but keeping in mind the income that you get and refraining from spending far beyond your means can be the only thing that one need to be free from those debts.

First, refrain from using credit card every time you do a purchase but opt for debt card. Most credit cards have high interest that cripples ones budget. Credit cards are temptation to spend money that you don’t have. You may have one credit card; to be used only for emergency cases and can be paid off within a short time.

Budget your money and expenses. This is provides a platform to know what you can spend for essential needs and what can be set aside as savings or for education. It gives a clear picture of the total income and how much you can spend or save depending on the budget. It helps you in determining what you can reasonably afford to spend each month and tracking back what your are spending. If you find that you are spending less than you had anticipated, you may want to put more money in your savings account to help out with unexpected expenses.

Plan your shopping. Don’t do a blind shopping. Make sure what you buy is what you need. Some people cannot resist shopping and end up with long list of goods that they don’t even like. Think before engaging in any debt and always remember, you need some little savings that can be used for those emergencies. Spending until the last penny is not a good idea.

Lastly, try to look for other alternatives way to increase your income unless you have a comfortable stable income that is enough for you.


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