Almond Health Benefits

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The health benefits of almonds are widely unknown. While most of you know almonds as simply a delicious snack that you eat on throughout the day, it is a incredibly nutritious food that is far from a “snack”. These nuts are increbily nutritious and are packed with a large amount of vitamins, minerals, and oils. In this article I am going to cover with you all the different health benefits that arise from this amazing mixture of vitamins, minerals, and oils. Basically, I am going to explain and point out to you how these chemicals improve your health in ways that you can understand. 

Almonds Improve Heart Function

Almonds have an incredibly high amount of antioxidants. If you are a health nut at all like I am you will certainly know what antioxidants are. It is incredibly hard to define just what an antioxidant does because they have so many beneficial effects on the bodies systems. However, one of the best almond health benefits is the benefits that the antioxidants have on heart function. Through an incredibly large volume of studies performed by science, people who supplement nuts into their diet are much less likely to develop serious heart conditions.

Hair Color and Texture

Almonds are known to provide oils and vitamins that are essential for healthy hair. A large component that goes into the production and maintanence of healthy hair is oils, mainly those that are found in nuts and fish. If you do not supplement with one of these food groups and do not take vitamins, your body is likely going without this essential nutrient for your hair. 


The nutrients in almonds are incredible at improving the health of your skin. The nutrients from almonds readily absorb into the skin and improve all functionalities. This is why you see many almond creams that are topical, meaning you can enjoy the health benefits by simplying rubbing a almond based cream on your skin.

Cancer Prevention

As with heart function, cancer prevention, is aided by antioxidants. The high profile of antioxidants in almonds helops your body fight off and rid itself of cancerous cells.

Energy Production

Almonds are also known to give incredible boosts of energy to those who regularly supplement with them. The high amounts of essentials fats are partially converted to energy by the body in addition to their many other uses.

Prenatal Health

Almonds are often recommend as a prenatal snack or a snack that is taken during a women’s pregnancy. The high amount of folic acid in almonds is mostly what is responsible for almond pregnancy health advantages. Folic acid is recommended in the prenatal diet as it has been shown to reduce the chance of abnormalities during birth. 

So How Do You Incorporate Almonds Into Your Diet?

The first way is to obviously eat them plain. However, there are a large amount of people who do not like the taste of almonds and have to find a different way to get those nutrients into their system. What I recommend is finding a dish that you like that contains crushed up almonds or dissolved almonds. Often dishes like this, especially deserts, will have very little almond taste to the tongue, but lots of almond nutrition in the body.


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