Repurpose Your Content to Sell on Amazon Kindle

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Just because you don’t have a new eBook to sell right now on the Amazon Kindle doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of its rapidly growing popularity.

Whether you have an archive of old eBooks to choose from, or articles and reports to pull together, you can simply repurpose your old content and create a new eBook to sell on the Amazon Kindle.

Don’t be discouraged by the daunting task of having to write an entirely new eBook. Just because you know your previously created eBooks are a couple of years old, doesn’t mean that they are not still valuable for others. When repurposing old eBooks to sell today, just make sure of the following:

All content is still accurate and applicable.
Your work is as crisp and grammatically correct as possible.
You know that there is still an audience for what you have to say.
All you have to do to repurpose this content is to simply format the eBook to the Kindle format using Amazon’s propriety software, and publish your work to the Kindle community. Be aware that while you set the price, you will only receive 35% of the suggested retail price of each book that is sold.

Now, if you don’t have previously written eBooks that you can repurpose to sell on the Amazon Kindle, do not fear. You can also repurpose articles, reports or other content of similar nature by forming it into an eBook format and thus creating an entirely new piece of work. The idea here is to save you from reinventing the wheel.

There is no need to redo all of your research and spend additional time as a wordsmith when you already have valuable resources to pull from. Simply gather previously written works and group them together into topic areas and create your new eBooks from there! When repurposing old content to create an eBook to be sold on the Amazon Kindle, be sure that:

All content is accurate, applicable and cohesive.
Your work is as crisp and grammatically correct as possible.
You know that there is still an audience for what you have to say.
You should also be sure to advertise and market all of your old and new eBooks just as you would any of your other work. While the Amazon Kindle store is a great place to find a new and captive audience for your eBooks, you will still have to remain dedicated and focused to reaching your target market. That is why it is critical to view the Amazon Kindle eBook opportunity as an additional revenue stream, not a supplement to your online business.

If you find success as an eBook author with the Amazon Kindle, keep up the momentum! But don’t forget where you came from. Be sure to maintain your commitment to the customers you have so cherished through your traditional business as well, and cross-reference them to your work as you continue to create and develop new material.

Good luck!


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