Top 7 Mistakes in Making Money Online

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There are many reasons why your first attempt to earn a living online is a failure. Here are the common mistakes of internet marketers in establishing a stable source of income. Analyze and try to avoid these errors to maximize your earning potential.

  1. No clear plan or strategy. Careful planning is essential to succeed in any kind of business whether be it offline or online. You have to set your goals and create a plan on how are you going to achieve such goals.
  1. Doing everything on your own. You can’t accomplish all things by yourself. Unless you have 10 hands and 10 brains to perform all tasks at once. Let’s face it, you will need to hire other people to do tasks which are outside your area of expertise. In general, an internet marketer needs help from a content writer, SEO specialist, web designer, and a professional virtual assistant.
  1. Starting too many projects. There is nothing wrong with venturing into as many businesses as you want. However, it is crucial to ask yourself if you have the ability to handle multiple projects at the same time. This is especially true if you are still at the stage of learning how the business works. It is therefore advisable to stick with one project and expand your business as your knowledge and income increase.
  1. Setting unrealistic goals. How much money do you expect to return from your investments? If you are targeting to earn $1000 from Google AdSense on your first month, consider to re-set your expectations. Most blogs or websites won’t earn a cent until after half a year of consistent work.
  1. Using free subdomains. This is going to be the worst mistake that you can ever commit in blogging for profits. First, free blogs do not sound “professional” to clients and customers. Second, WordPress does not allow bloggers to use their platform for commercial purposes. The admin will terminate your account without sending a notification email once your site is proven to contain advertisements and sponsored posts.
  1. Spending too early with advertisements. When is the right time to advertise your site in AdSense or other advertising companies? In truth, you shouldn’t invest in these things until the time that you’ve already filled your site with interesting content. If your blog is still empty and you tried to drive traffic by paid advertisements, visitors will be discouraged to visit again after seeing that your blog is lacking of enough number of posts.
  1. Giving up. Of course, once you have given up, everything else is trash. A large number of bloggers and internet marketers give up in the first few months of their venture because of uncertainties. They are not sure if their business will grow or not. You have to understand that it’s all about taking reasonable risks.

Making money online is also about self-confidence and the ability to focus on your goals. Instead of concentrating on your failures and unsuccessful ventures, try to pay your attention on solving problems and improving your business.


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