10 Ways of IT Doesn't Matter !!

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1. IT DOESN’T MATTER how you live your life as long as your happier than anyone of us deep down in your heart !

2. IT DOESN’T MATTER how you imagine your life in the fantasy world, it may be nerd for others but THEY’re probably the nerd-est one who don’t seek for fantasy to ful-fill their inner ego-ness and ended up doing crime ! Sick of you ! Think of how you take life as an adventurer, a one piece? a bleach? or even LBG if you know what I mean ! As long as your happy and satisfy IT DOESN’T MATTER at all (No crime pls)

3. IT DOESN’T MATTER how far you can go, the most matter is how happy you’re on the way to your destiny !

4. IT DOESN’T MATTER how fed up your life is, be a man, take it as a man and face it like a man ! A captain america? A green lantern or a ironman as long as you don’t make yourself looks like a looser or coward ! (No crime pls)

5. IT DOESN’T MATTER how rich you are, as long as you can’t ful-fill your inner emptiness your consider as a empty shell because life is all about adventuring, exploring, daring, ful-filling and caring !

6. IT DOESN’T MATTER how ugly you look infront of the mirror you don’t curse it ! Thanks to the mirror as it honestly reflecting THE ONE (you) yourself without faking it ! Be a man ! God grants us what we have know and God knows why HE is doing so, so same goes to you ! You know who you are and what you’re capable of !

7. IT DOESN’T MATTER how hungry/thirsty you are ! You don’t beg for food/drink but drink/foods beg for you ! Stand tough and let your inner strength do the job for you ! Earn for it !

8. IT DOESN’T MATTER how pretty/handsome are those jerks out there ! You don’t jealous them ! Pity them ! God only grants special ability to those who deserve it ! (Handsome/pretty is no ability) So you know you have a sucks life, a suck face and thats when you struggle for life and thats why MOST of the millionaire looks UGLY !

9. IT DOESN’T MATTER how people flame and criticize you on your weaknesses ! THANKS them and hug them with full appreciation ! They’re are like a user manual we have to live with ! You don’t life to be criticized BUT you live to improve !!!

10. IT DOESN’T MATTER what you think about my article/opinion, it will take you no where if your only here to critic and flame WITHOUT a single thoughts about how accurate am I mirroring your life ! Get use to it ! Start living like IT DOESN’T MATTER start from now, TODAY !!


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