Tips And Best Ways to Sell Your Writing

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Many writers try hard to find ways to sell their work effectively, often times they can go through and by the time you think you’ve found the perfect home for their work in the market simply is not there.

1. Increase its production rate
The first and easiest sell your writing is to write constantly. Too many of us spend days perfecting an article and then wait and wait and wait a little longer for it to be rejected several times before moving on to the next. As soon as a piece of writing is done, start marketing and then move to the next – do not wait. By increasing its production rate, which inevitably increase your chances of getting their work published.

2. Make sure you pitch your work to the publication of the right
Simple, but true. Research your target market carefully to ensure that your function or object of the appropriate length / style for your planned publication. Some publications provide guidelines for the presentation of work, but many do not. If they do then try to get copies of previous publication to get an idea of ​​the style of writing published.

3. Think of a season ahead
This is particularly useful when writing for magazines. Monthly titles, in particular, have a rather long waiting time and often can be written for the next season. When you’re writing articles no specific time, then it can be to your advantage if you can get in the habit of thinking in an upcoming season (which after all is only three months). This should ensure you have enough of a ‘store’ of work to continue selling.

4. Make friends with the Commissioning Editors
Again, very simple but effective. It’s a very natural human trait that people take up much more easily with those who like and are easy to treat. The strengthening of relations, work ethic eventually be worth more to you than the cultivation of a reputation for being difficult to value.

5. Write about topics you know and love
It is much more likely to write passionately about a subject to know and enjoy that they have no interest in. No amount of knowledge and research in the world can embellish the words of a writer without interest. Whether writing about his work, hobbies or favorite travel destinations writing are evidence of the amount of interest you have in your topic.


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