How to Train Your Dog That Gives You High Five

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Your dog gives you a high five is something every dog ​​house should know. And to be honest with you, everyone who owns a dog is able to teach this trick in only 5 to 10 minutes. It only takes a few snacks and some time and effort by the owner of the dog.

The first thing you want to do to teach your dog to give a high of five years is to bring your dog in a quiet environment where you can train without any distractions. I recommend that you practice in your living room or somewhere that your dog is accustomed to. If you try to train outdoors or in a place that your dog does not taste good, then he is distracted by the smells and sounds different from the environment. The goal is to get your dog to focus on training and hands.

Place your dog in a sitting position and asked to shake his paw. If your dog does not know how to shake the leg, however, all you have to do is grab the leg and then give you a gift. After a couple of times you will learn that the lifting of the leg is what wins him the treat.

Then you will have to move your hand closer and closer and put his palms toward him in a high-five. Your dog will begin to differentiate between the movement of a leg and five high, depending on how the hand is placed. Want to go to shake a leg position and gradually move to a position of high-five.

The most important thing to do during the training will reinforce your dog with treats, lots of praise and petting promotion at any time he does something you like. To improve the accuracy of their training, can use what is called a marker signal tells the dog exactly what behavior earned him the reinforcement. For example, while you train your dog you can say the word itself exactly when your dog touches your hand with his paw.

Once your dog learns hand signals and is easy to give a maximum of five, then you need to incorporate a verbal command. This command can be anything, but usually is the name of the trick. In this example, the high command and five would be in good condition. To really do this successfully, you have to say the high command and five as your dog moves paw to your hand. We’re talking about a split second here, but the closer you give the order to conduct faster then your dog will learn.

Once your dog has done the trick of giving a high five, you can get to do even more spectacular. Made to do so from a position of standing on their hind legs. This has the appearance that your dog is jumping to give a maximum of five. For this all you have to do is move your hand more and more until your dog performs the trick without problems.


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