It is an Accepted Fact That we Are Happy Only When we Are Successful

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The next time when you are feeling depressed due some kind of failure, do something that you know you can do well. You will feel much better afterwards. It is rightly said, `nothing succeeds like success.’ The poet Virgil, in his epic poem `Aenied,’ said, `success nourished them; they second seemed to be able and so they are able.’ Success generates enthusiasm. It unleashes vast stores of energy. A man who has tasted defeat will know the true meaning of success.   

The need for happiness

Happiness soothes our nerves. With the feeling of pain and tress, all the joy of living deserts us. Even basic functions like eating and sleeping get affected. The person gets irritable. He thinks his like to be worthless. Sorrow and melancholy sets in. a man can only be loved and appreciated if he is cheerful and relaxed. We must help to create an environment of joy and happiness, not only at home but also in our school and classroom. This will not only help us but it will benefit the society as a whole. 

The need for security

The third basic and perhaps the most important need is the need for security. Security strengthens the character. If a person feels secure in the presence of his loved ones, he will never go astray. His heart will always be full of happiness. The emotional security from parents is very important for the child. He will be brave enough to face all problems in life.

Sometimes due to certain unavoidable circumstances the parents are unable to provide security to their children. The child then looks for security elsewhere. Sometimes he finds it in the presence of his brothers or sisters, while sometimes it is with friends. Here it should be specified that on no account should a child feel insecure. He should overcome this feeling by making an effort, by interacting with people and by being true to him. 

The need for affection

Ram played the football game well, because he knew that everybody would like him if he brought laurels to the school. One of the happiest and warmest feelings is that when you feel that you are appreciated and liked. Affection from others strengthens us emotionally. Those who do not get this affection at home turn to someone outside for the fulfillment of this desire. Some who are not able to get it from anywhere turn bitter and then do things that are harmful to them as well as to the society they live in. To convey the feeling of affection to all those who are emotionally close to us, we must appreciate them and be kind and caring towards them.


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