War And Purity of Emotions

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War and the purity of emotions

The civilization is pushing hard for us to see a beauty in war that was present in normal life at some point. People were who they appeared to be. There would have been some secrets but most of the times nothing devastating. Emotions were pure. Things were what they seemed to be.

Now, the bonhomie is scarce. People put self first. Even family comes a distant second. The movies talk to betrayal, revenge, deception and lust. The very things which were considered bad at some point of time are now highlighted as the things done by the ‘heroes’.

They were considered bad because they were impure emotions. They were reactions to situations instead of human actions.

Purity is becoming scarce. Trust is dissolving before it can be developed. Couples worry about the spouses. According to movies the life before marriage or steady relationship doesn’t count but during that the relationship intimacy becomes sacred.

This opinion that if not this one, then next would be right is devastating in the long run. People marry late as they have to fight through the dating period. Once ‘won’ if the emotion of love actually holds things may be fine else it’s all another round of a different kind.

Kids miss out on their childhood without being even aware as to what they are missing. They may sense by seeing other kids who may be still in the childhood phase. But parents going separate ways or fighting over mistrust or abuse of trust, leaves a crumbled childhood. They do not know what to do and the world helps them little in understanding that they can be different. Books are being burnt by being ignored, TV and movies are developing a sense that the aggressive feelings are right, and the law helps by providing arms and ammunition in the name of freedom.

Freedom is dangerous if the distinction between right and wrong in unclear.

Who do these kids look up to? Parents don’t qualify, leaders are made fun of, and religion is being abused. There is nothing to hold on to except themselves. They turn introverts being free only with their homies and pals, closed to everyone else and parents start wondering why their kids do not talk to share things with them.

Simply put it’s your fault. A crappy world, baseless religion can be handled if their parents are there to be a constant in an abyss of changing and spinning world. Parents are the compass that is supposed to point always in the right direction even if the destination is hidden or blurred. The trust that parent is right will come through.

This makes it even more important for parents to know what is right and have the courage to stick to it. Always.

True happiness comes from pure good emotions. Glimpses of that can be seen in war or in times of great tragedy. In war or in a major tragedy all the walls built by people shatter for a while and the only thought is to help your fellowman. You taking a risk to help other is not even a consideration. When all you care about is getting to the one in need and helping in alleviating his pain, even a small bit will make your life worthwhile.

When the thought that you may be in danger doesn’t even cross your mind and the only thing in your mind is to help the person in need, that’s when you are truly living and are true, pure and an agent of God Himself.

Freedom is just means that we are free to do anything we want. But if you are not even aware of what levels exist, then you will take the easy route out and go with the flow and the flow is generally downhill. So you go downhill without even exploring or being aware of the uphill beauties.

In times of great crisis your instincts take over and you do what is right if you have the courage to follow your heart and are not viciously corrupted by the darkness prowling in the world masquerading as profitability and entertainment.

World has to take responsibility for itself and it starts with you. You should start taking responsibility, first for yourself and then for your family. By doing so you would have done your part.

Seek the wisdom to understand what’s right and what’s wrong and the courage to stick to it even when everything seems to be pointing the other way. If you know in your heart that you are right then things will eventually turn out right.

After all when Pandora opened the box it was Hope alone that came on our side. That is because that is sufficient to fight them and for the world to go forward.


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