Roll Pieces Inferno Motorcycle Challenge Are A Favorite Of Members Firefighter

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In November 2003, Indianapolis Local 416 firefighters formed a Rolling Inferno MC club was founded to promote the brotherhood of firefighters and support to charities that care for children with burns. Motorcycle clubs are often times made up of employees who share the same passion for riding bikes, and to promote motorcycle safety. In this case, the customer, members of the Club from the fire station.

Firefighter motorcycle clubs defy singular parts

Firefighter MC coins are always some of the most interesting coins we do. Their models use a lot of black, red and silver, as well as flames, skulls and crosses. Coins challenge to measure, as we see here are divided into each of the new members of the MC, this will help generate interest in the club, and also makes new riders feel welcome.

Charity events and rides to raise money for charity

Special parts are made for charity events and rides that raise money for designated charities. After placing your room with us, we will be happy to send photos of your company logo if required for printed materials, posters and stickers. This allows you to spread your message wherever you go. All the information you need to pass on to others can be done easily.

Coins custom templates can be converted in custom embroidered patches

We can also design a coin in the custom embroidered patch can be sewn on your motorcycle jacket. This gives you a sense of belonging and where you go. It also helps to convey a message through their community. What is really important for fundraising. People see the stain and the bike and identify with you as a person. Men and women are more likely to help in fundraising and other charity events, if they know you personally and your club.

The club was formed to promote the brotherhood of Firefighters and to support charities that care for children suffering from burn injuries.  Motorcycle clubs are often times formed by co-workers who share the same passion for riding bikes and promoting biker safety.  In the case of this customer, the members of the club are firefighters from the same station.


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