All Electric Motors Ford: Single-Speed ​​with Power Over Six

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 This is the end of the days of petrol and diesel. Now you can run the electricity. Ford car on the market this new intelligent power from your phone, you can drive with fresh batteries. You would think, if you exit in the middle of the trip fee? Before you even think, Ford offers a single dashboard to monitor closely the level of energy. You can follow any volts at no cost. Ford also has lunch and a smart phone application allows you to monitor the energy level of the car directly from the phone.

Ford Focus Electric is a fully electric drive motor. He has not even a drop of conventional fuel. Instead have a lithium battery to store energy for the Yes one hundred percent of the vehicle green. No more black carbon footprints to destroy the planet. As there are organic gases and diesel is not used on this engine, there is no production of carbon dioxide fatal. Now Ford has changed the vocabulary of the dictionary car. You do not say the fuel economy to take care of your bank account. It is time that the economy of power. Ford Focus new supply is very economical to produce energy for electricity.

This generation is less than the amount of waste energy. While the problems of heat to all electric motors, the new Ford Focus Electric reduced the rate of heat dissipation. Ford has named this technology “All electric motors.”

All electric Ford has offered the market a single transmission. You can think of single-speed electric motors is not a motorcycle six eight-speed transmission. The fact is that Ford is all electrical transmission is one of only a number, in the real world to produce enough high RMP enough to compete with the other engine. The smoothness of acceleration technology is more than other cars with a transmission very responsive.

Remove all electric motor is completely painless due to its tranquility. Ford ensures no compromise on driving pleasure. Ford All electric motors are coming up with the battery light weight battery 23KW.This contains a cooling system to ensure a long life without problems of the pulp and kilometers long each time it loads. Ford offers a minimum of energy consumption compared to the electric motor technology to others.


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