Who is Carlos Rberto

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Full name: Roberto Carlos Dasylva
Date of Birth: April 10, 1973
Birthplace: Jarka in Brazil
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 79 kg
Previous clubs: Palmeiras (Brazil), Anturnazionel (Italy) ..
Roberto Carlos began his career with the team under 16 years in the club (Uniao Sao goo), and such as Brazil for the first time at the age of eighteen, in the qualifying rounds for the Olympics in 1992.
The move to play within the ranks of Palmeiras right back a strong start that drew attention to him and made him come to light ..
Began Roberto Carlos playing as a defender but he finds himself in the releases of offensive and especially as it is fast and elusive, intelligent person left foot strong and infallible way towards the goal and won the applause more because of his toys beautiful and powerful shot, but was frustrated for a period of four months in the team Inter Milan where he threw Roy Hodgson English coach for the club to the midfield.

Overlooked Carlos Alberto and Roberto Carlos in the presence of his team in the finals of the 1994 World Cup, where he preferred to Branco and Leonardo, both players used them amid Carlos Albertoa Pepto to Yamada, Romario balls that record of the most beautiful goals of the tournament ..
Roberto Carlos says: I like to fly along the seam line, but I also love defense and I like to learn to defend more and more …
The transmission can be Roberto Carlos to the ranks of Paris St Germain in the amount of U.S. $ 3 million and that in 1995, and instead was transferred to Inter Milan in the amount of $ 7 million.
After just one season spent in the ranks of Inter Milan was his move to La Liga to play for Real Madrid, who won championships with the Spanish, European and made his name in the Real Madrid to become one of the greatest players of this period ..

Roberto Carlos says: I remember my goal spectacular against France with a free kick and also says: I train every day on free kicks and Alsralouhad in being able to understand these strikes is to focus .. And focus only

RobertoCarlosmovedtoItalianclubInterMilan, but did notsucceedwith them,did not achieveanychampionships, go toRealMadrid.Andin 2007wentto Turkeyto play forFenerbahcefor threeseasons andthen movedto his home countryBrazilto play forCorinthians clubfor one seasonand from therelandedtrip toClubAngieRussianisplaying therejewelryinterim coachandplayersafter the sacking ofcoachJadziJadzyev[1]

[Edit]RealMadridoamadywith RealMadridfor 11 years, wonall thetournamentsin whichallnamesare:

The Spanishleague titlefour times(1997, 2001, 2003and 2007)

The Champions Leaguethreetimes in theyears(1998, 2000 and2002)

The title ofthe Club World Cuptwice in theyears(1998and 2002)

European SuperCup titlein 2002.

He alsowas selectedas the bestleft backin football history.


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