The Story of The Player Beckham

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Born big player David Beckham in 1976 .. Beckham was the son of parents from the East, three sons and a meeting with one of the teachers who have studied Beckham said in his childhood: He was ahead in his study of the riots and some
Beckham lived his childhood like other children, but the English had another view
She was the first time, has played the official game in the league, after school and was no more than ten years old!!!
Knew from a young age by Sir Beckham free kicks .. Conducted one of the stations to meet the global sport with Beckham, where he was asked announcer: When was the first recorded goal from a free kick, he replied: When I was fourteen years old!!
All the Beckham family encourages Ma_estr United and the reason is that one of the relatives of Beckham was a player in the team the Red Devils.

Beckham when he was sixteen years old he joined the team Manchester United for Youth has been a role model Beckham in Manchester, the great French player
Eric Kontona the expected and predicted for David Beckham all the best. D
Play with the Manchester men first official match in 1997
She was the first post for Beckham’s World Cup 1998 and World Cup Qdeghi the first time in the match against Argentina, the story of his expulsion
At the beginning of the second half of the game the player skating on an Argentine Simeone Beckham referee gave a free kick but no card Beckham got up and went to Simeone behind him and hit him in the foot fell to the ground Beckham was expelled from the game this was a lesson for Beckham ..
Before the World Cup in Korea and Japan paid a large company $ 700 million pounds to put gel in his hair!!! During the World Cup his answer was yes
In the 2002 World Cup, Beckham scored on the Argentina goal from the penalty spot .. And I forgot to tell you that he was the reason of the qualifying Mondbal
When he scored from a free kick in the last seconds where the game was a tie in favor of Greece and win for England
Angeltr has emerged from the World Cup in the top eight against Brazil 2-1
For the information of who are married to a singer of the band spaice girls and has a child

WhenspellsBeckhamwith Manchester Unitedchosethe number10 instead of7, whichwasoccupied bythe team leader,thenEricCantona andwhenhis retirementworeBeckham’sNo. 7 shirtbecause of thecompatibility of thisfigurewiththe number ofletters of his nameBECKHAM,wasthe numberhis favorite, butwhen he movedtoRealfigure was7operated byRaul andBeckham wassoonto take thenumber77,but preferred toNo. 23AmericanbasketballlegendadmiredMichael Jordan

Some, however,likelyfor several reasons.
The birth ofhis eldest sonBrooklynBeckhamwhen he enteredthe twenty-third year
His first appearancewithOlmanaowas in the23 ofSeptember 1992
The goal scoredagainst Greeceand the people ofhis countrytoWorld Cupwas onafter 23yards
Thereasons whyBeckhamwears23


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