Ronaldo is Alborzly

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And stopped minutes .. ?! Image of Maine .. ?! Phenomenon?! .. Ronaldo?! .. Ronaldo is great .. The attacker, who Osnfe of the leading strikers in the world! Is the strongest! .. Is the best and began to get in shape .. Who “denied” I wish them a beautiful Rooney silence .. Because they do not know who is Ronaldo?! .. It is a club that Ronaldo plays it .. Milan is the “star maker” .. Is Alrosonnero .. Ronaldo .. Internal pressure .. [Askatkm .. Amuse them .. Asharhm .. More than “crazy” in their minds .. Silence in front of them Abdaaaek .. [.. And you begin to do so .. Rooney in front of goal?! Dotted box is the property and outside .. Ronaldo “big” dangerous .. I hope one is, says Ronaldo did not know the plays! .. P is “ignorant” .. Does not know football!! .. Ronaldo, who won the award for best player in the world three times! .. B if the ratio found more than six continents for continents become ‘100 for giving the award for Ronaldo!! .. Which is harvested and Zidane named best player in the world three times! “History speaks” .. History speaks .. History speaks for Ronaldo .. History silence “hate” .. “Deniers” .. “Ignorant” .. History is still present .. Ronaldo stay .. Remains .. Everyone will repeat Ronaldo Ronaldo Ronaldo are the best .. You are legend!! .. You will remain in our hearts .. You are the King “attack” .. You are the best .. You charmed the hearts of millions .. You will remain “a prisoner of” the hearts of millions .. Will remain and will remain .. Now’s stop with the most prominent of the speakers for Ronaldo .. More charming .. Ronaldo .. Brazilian football legend Pele: “Ronaldo?! Is a very dangerous player is one of the best strikers in the world who saw them Idaabon football is a serious fast I hope to continue like this because his name will remain a one of the top ten attackers passed through the world of football” .. Argentine football legend Diego Armando and world where Maradona said of Ronaldo: “Ronaldo is a dangerous and can register the goal in the moment and create opportunities for the player is, without exaggeration, a very fascinating man continues his this level because the ball Albrzleh lost players of the quality of Ronaldo” .. Carlo Ancelotti coach of AC Milan team which Ronaldo plays it .. Ancelotti said about Ronaldo, “Ronaldo?! I’m glad we Attana him is a great player he would be the best striker in Milan” .. Berlusconi, Italy’s prime minister earlier said of Ronaldo: “Ronaldo is a great player, striker sniper I’m glad he joined us,” .. !

[Who is Ronaldo?! .. The beginnings .. So far! ]

Is Ronaldo Lima Rio Delaware striker born in September 22 in / / 1976 .. Born in Brazil .. Star, known simply as Ronaldo .. Brazilian striker and AC Milan .. Star of the most prominent stars which passed in the world .. Reaper named best player in the world three times .. Was playing with friends in a slum in Brazil, which has now become very old .. He played in the neighborhood the first time at the age of 8 .. He played a defender and goalkeeper and striker, and everything was as he remembers these things Ronaldo laugh a lot .. !

Ronaldo appeared talent in the line of attack when he was 14 years .. Nominated to join the team for the Brazilian team’s young age .. By Mr. Jarzynho who confirmed Ronaldo’s father that he has the talent to be exploited .. The Jarzynho for Ronaldo, “Ronaldo?! Is a player would be one the best players in the coming years he will join for the Brazilian national team category of young people which can be joined for a club strong in Brazil after a few years after that develops and Ronaldo playing up front and is good way to score goals more than brilliant, “.. !

When he reached the age of 17 Ronaldo joined Rooney’s in Club de Visser, Brazilian and played in his first season in 14 games, scoring a beautiful figure 12 goals and recorded this beautiful figure Ronaldo as the first season! .. In Ronaldo’s first season with the club drew everyone’s attention the performance of Ronaldo in a game with Club de Visser club Atletico Mineiro, which is competing with Club de Visser .. In that game saw Albh that Ronaldo will be a legend to come P beat Atletico to 3-1 goals scored club de Visser Ronaldo all the 3 .. !

After his beautiful seasons with the club Ronaldo de Visser .. Ronaldo began to streak out to Club de Visser .. P was the first who want to join Ronaldo is Aandhouphon Dutch club .. Ronaldo, who made a great show for an estimated U.S. $ 6 million .. Before Ronaldo’s display .. He joined Aandhouphon’s Club, which is one of the strongest clubs in the world .. In the first season’s Ronaldo played 46 times and scoring 42 goals .. This is only in the league .. In all competitions Club Aandhouphon P Ronaldo scored 57 times with 55 goal .. If the mouthpiece Ronaldo says: “Please silence” .. !

Later that season, Ronaldo has spent more than a great club with Aandhouphon Ronaldo drew the attention of officials in the club of Barcelona .. P for Ronaldo joined Barcelona in 1996 / / 1997 .. Ronaldo scored 34 goals in 37 appearance .. And then 47 goals in 49 appearance .. As Wall says: “Rooney is what to do?!” .. What do you do to act Íaastorh “no consolation for those who hate” .. Smooth and continuous innovation Ronaldo .. Then moved to Italian club Inter Milan, “Nerazzurri” .. After spending a fancy seasons with Barça .. !

After he moved to Inter Milan “Nerazzurri” .. After spending a fancy seasons with Barça .. But he could not play with Inter P was injured after being Astadaúh for the representation of Brazil in the 1998 World Cup which was held in France .. He was wounded in his right knee .. Unfortunately, Yala in the first match Aouja him in 2000 before the club Lazio in the first minute to touch the ball where Rooney was injured and missed for two years until the World Cup in Korea and Japan in 2002, which saw a strong return for Rooney .. !

Noticed the “image” .. The Ronaldo .. And speed .. “Please do not Alclaaam” for the Attoul and beyond the “Rooney” .. After two 20-month Ronaldo back in the 2002 World Cup and helped Brazil win the World Cup for the fifth time .. He returned as if he had not been injured he returned to the performance of fantasy! .. And won the award for best player in the world’s Aiih time in 2002 .. Then Ashat most newspapers around the world that Ronaldo was very close to out of the Nerazzurri club Inter Milan .. !

When Ronaldo signed for Real Madrid in 2002 .. Issued in 2002, more players to buy the shirt by the people .. This Thath to delete the completion of Ronaldo .. Up despite injury Ronaldh in 2002 with everyone repeating the name of Ba Ronaldo says: “You are the best” .. Ronaldo scored his first appearance in two .. In the whole season in La Liga goal of twenty-three .. In the European Union League scored three goals to Manchester United .. But Ronaldo in his first season with Real Madrid have not won La Liga, which may b obtained with Barca ..

In the 2006 World Cup .. Ronaldo gave a good level well .. Level, especially in front of a beautiful Ghana .. In the first round was bad for the level of Rooney and qualify for Ghana feet into contact with the level of bad and Ronaldo helped Brazil qualify for the quarter-finals of the French team into contact with cocks .. Ronaldo, but he and his companions had been for the defeat by the French team after level of bad by the Brazilian team in the game, especially France and in the tournament all year .. !

After level of bad with the Spanish club Real Madrid and Brazil in the 2006 World Cup .. Linking Ronaldo to move to Juventus and AC Milan .. But Milan was the closest P joined by AC Milan and his move was a surprise for everyone .. On 18 January / / 2007 moved Rooney’s club AC Milan .. He played in front of Livorno and scored two goals before Siena is an indication for the arrival of Ronaldo’s creativity again .. Ronaldo and everyone is waiting for the derby against Inter Milan Nerazzurri club and we hope Abdaaaa Ronaldo against Inter because he can do that .. !

[Achievements .. Rooney! ]

1994 World Cup!
The best player in the world in 1996 and is the youngest player to win the award!
The best player in the world in 1997!
Owens Award in 1997!
Golden Boot in 1997!
Golden Boot in 1998!
Golden Ball in 1998!
Playing on the World Cup final in 1998!
Cuba to win the championship in 1999, America!
Championship top scorer for Cuba in 1999, America!
Dutch top scorer in 1994 / / 1995!
La Liga’s top scorer in 1996 / / 1997!
UEFA Cup in 1997!
Cuba Cup USA in 1997!
Dutch league in 1995!
Spanish league in 1996!
UEFA Cup in 1998!
World Cup top scorer with 15 goals throughout the balance of his career in the World Cup!
To win the 2002 World Cup!
Golden Boot in 2002!
World Cup top scorer in 2002!
Silver Ball Award in 2002!
The best player in the world in 2002!
Confederations Cup with Real Madrid in 2002!
European Super Cup with Real Madrid in 2002!
La Liga’s top scorer in 2003 / / 2004!

[ID card! ]

Name / / Ronaldo Lima Rio Delaware!
Date of Birth / / September 22, / / ​​1976!
Age / / 31 years!
Nationality / / Brazilian!
Team / / Brazil!
Club / / Milan!
No. T-shirt / / 99!
Ideal / / Pele!
Height / / 183


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