Who is Ronaldinho

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Ronaldinho different story about the story of a Brazilian player in its infancy, it was fraught with misery and hope, before reaching a happy ending.
Tasted the bitterness of poverty and deprivation to the extent that it may sometimes Egged Mikhvv Ansé him and hunger by the dream.
His father, Juan Silva Moriur a former player in the ranks of Cruzeiro in the seventies, but did not turn professional because of family obligations.
Joan was the first to sign his son to become a football star Ronaldinho is brilliant since he saw him stroking the ball in the age of nine.
But this father was not able to see his son achieve security for the football star, brilliant as he died at the age of forty-second heart attack in the pool before my eyes in this small house that was bought for the family club Gremio. Ronaldinho was not only the age of 10 years only.
They talked about the incident that Ronaldinho once in a special program broadcast on the channel Auglobo where in a moment in one sentence ((deep wound in my heart, but years of life))
Tdges and then to anchor the program tells the story of Manath at a young age that it pains him that much in his childhood is to see his mother, Donna Mevelina leave home before four o’clock in the morning to operate in Kmenzfah own restaurant in the province of Puerto Alivero.
It was natural to relieve his mother of this work soon became a professional club Gremio. When conditions improved more Chgalten Tkhaddmanha hired them all day and night. Brazilians love him for this and this holds for the Brazilians Ronaldinho feelings of love and affection that they showed little of another player. And know more than others to hide the secret that those broad smile never leaving his lips.

Assisi is a brother or a father and mentor and coach

Asis the elder brother of our star and his agent is currently no exception to also play with the base Family Gremio from the age of sixteen. He almost signed with Inter, but he preferred to continue with his club because he is in charge of the first and the last from his mother and his younger brother Ronnie McCann Assis favor stay away from them.
And shares his team win a lot Assis Brazil in Cup 89 also played with the Brazilian national team. And the 90 wounded Assis knee Vibtad a season full of play and after recovery play with Sion and he won the Cup, then played with Sporting Lisbon and then went to Brazil to play for Vasco Dagama then Vlominsa and then to Japan, then Mexico, then to the club Mohnlabah French and is currently The agent of Ronaldinho little brother.
Despite the preoccupation of Assisi has been playing the role of father to his brother, Ronaldinho was amazing keep pace with its development in the grounds of more than keep pace with him in the world of study.

Achievements coming in since childhood

Ronaldinho was in imitation of a brilliant young age of legends Maradona and hatred and Rivelino Rnaldo too. He says his friend Mariano that their school won once (23 / zero) to another school were all effort Ronaldinho.
This was the excellence and achievement under scrutiny by the great coach Rodgar Zimmerman, who signed him in the same year to Brazil under the 17 years after he left the studying is unfortunately her.
In 1997, Ronaldinho won the Junior World Cup in Egypt Achtaarah was the best player in the tournament, this achievement has helped many to become the first team of Gremio.
Ronaldinho has won twice the title of top scorer with junior Gremio is the most beautiful goal from the beginning when he was in the age of 17 then skip 5 players and sent a lob over the goalkeeper and support this goal tally in the world of professionalism.
It was a contract extension with the club in February 1998 to 2001.

Celsoorth coach who blew his energies


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