Captain America – Victory or Defeat

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Captain America: The First Avenger. A superhero film long anticipated by comic fans and movie fans alike. A movieabout a frail young man who wants nothing more than to serve his country, he is given the chance when he is selected for an experimental procedure. But was it a success or a flop.

To start off, let’s review its successes. Chris Evans, who portrays Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) in the movie, did a fantastic job in the role of one of Marvel’s most idolized heroes. He was believable as this awkward young man unsure of himself, and the technique used to make Evans look like a small, frail young man before the transformation was practically seamless. The combat style wielded by Rogers in the film was very close to the way Rogers has always fought in the comics and video games. While not always sounding German, Hugo Weaving did a fantastic job yet again at portraying the menacing villain in the movie, this time a Nazi who’s been mutated into Captain America’s arch-nemesis, the Red Skull. A period piece set in the middle of World War II, the costume, hair and makeup departments did a fantastic job at capturing the styles of the time. Even the presence of Dum Dum Dugan was an added bonus to the movie, and I was very pleased to see his signature mustache and bowler hat.

Where the movie failed, however, is that, while a period piece set in the middle of World War II, the plot contained very little to remind us of the time period. The drama typically associated with World War II movies was also lacking. On top of this, the comics have always been good at balancing the drama and action out, while this movie was more action and flash than character development and drama. I would have loved to see them delve deeper into the relationship between Rogers and Bucky, especially considering how important Bucky was to his storylines in the comics. Also, in trying to cram Captain America’s entire World War II comic run into a single movie made us forget that Red Skull was his arch-nemesis.

Overall, I would give Captain America a 4 out of 5 star rating, and I highly recommend renting it. It was a decent movie with some good action scenes and some truly excellent performances, but the lack of character development was really disappointing, especially concerning Bucky, the Red Skull, and Captain America’s legendary status. I am personally familiar with the comics, and this film was greatly lacking in the magic that the comics contained.


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