Jewelery And Diamond Rings Uses

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Jewelry pieces are one of the most sought after gifts. Aside from being lavish, jewelry, especially those with precious stones, are great symbols of love and affection, stature and prominence, or loyalty and faithfulness. However, custom diamond rings and jewelry can change the game drastically, embedding a deeper meaning into the piece as a gift to any loved one.

First of all, arm yourself with the knowledge about diamonds. Take the time to know what makes one more valuable than the other. Learn about the 4Cs – cut, carat, color, and clarity. Remember that certifications from internationally renowned and respected gemological laboratories such as GIA are needed in order to prove a piece’s authenticity, value, and grading. Such certification is also very much important in terms of getting insurance coverage for such valuable pieces.

Set your preferred budget or price range. Setting a specific budget would help narrow your choices down. This is one of the first and most important things you should tell your jeweler. Determining your budget would mean being able to find the most suitable piece easier and faster.

Go to an expert and trustworthy jeweler. If you don’t personally know anyone that fits the bill, it’s best that you ask friends, colleagues, and relatives for references. Word of mouth advertising can be more reliable than any form of traditional advertising. Why? Because word of mouth advertising means that people have already purchased pieces from the jeweler and are satisfied with the results. They won’t be recommending someone to you if they’ve experienced something horrible before. Moreover, traditional advertising can be fallacious or hyped, making false claims just for the sake of sales.

Consider the recipient. Yes, you’re the one doing the customizing and buying, but you’re not the one who would be wearing it. Take into account the receiver’s preferences and taste. If you know that she loves simple but elegant things, then come up with a simple and elegant design. If she’s into vintage rather than the modern ones, then go for vintage pieces. If she loves pure rather than loud colors, then get white diamond pieces instead of the champagne ones. Also, consider the age of the recipient. Younger ladies will appreciate heart-shaped diamonds more, while more mature ladies will be fonder of the round or emerald cut pieces.

Choose the metal that you want for the jewelry and the design of the setting. This is where your creativity will come into play. Make sure that the metal will compliment well with the stone and not overpower it. If you’ve decided to go for a pink diamond, then a white metal band and a simple setting would suffice.


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