Everything is Fine

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Everything is fine


After a week Muslims are going to have an eid festivity-

All are flying, driving, riding, and heading for home-

Coming Home

Leaving all the nativity-

Many other ways waiting for you and me-

Here and there, but the popular of all is the locomotive,

If you have no other exceptional motives.

Feeling like Deep Purple’s ‘highway star’ and

Ritchie Blackmore’s guitar.

Everybody’s rushing for tickets-

As if going somewhere

Ask myself is it like Chris Rea’s

Road to hell?

People running here and there

Motley Crue’s giggling-  ‘helter skelter’.

Station manager says ticket is over-

People are dissatisfied, brain-burn like empty frying pan

Everybody’s to blame,

No one is playing the game.

No sympathy, apathy-

Everybody is like a ‘perfect stranger’

We need the Rangers.

‘No one is knocking at your back door’,

No Counting Crows counting the scores-

As the stooges had to be on the queue for three or four hour more;

On their feet or back.

On their knees or seat flat.

Stationmaster indifferent-

‘Everything is fine’.

People get frustrated and demotivated, as the ticket is not available,

Cannot leave as no other means to avail;

Some are happy, as they have got the bail,

Even after a hassle.

At last the moment has come –

Like Pink Floyd’s Momentary lapse of reasons

People rushing into the railway station

Led Zeppelins’ ‘stairway to heaven’-

After six days have gone

When station manager said ticket was gone-

Yet you can buy it if put some more cash on!

When asked –answer is everything is fine.

Everything is fine


At last the ticket is bought and time to catch the train-

It’s a 7 O’clock train, when the radio playing

ELO’s ‘Ticket to the moon’-

Train not reached the platform

Yet it is half past ten.

When asked- reply was the same

‘Everything is fine’!

The train came late-

Lucky that it is not ‘late-train’,

Quite late

Passengers hate to hate

Speeches and bitches become synonymous

May pregnant over-due

No one is there

Changing no hue.

In the mean time-

Yet no complaining-

Everything is fine.

Problem is getting on the train-

Rush too many people, too much late

All like to pour in at a time

You lose your purse or bags or sandals

When asked- everything is fine.

For whom the bell tolls-

Inside- when you got in- your seat has been occupied- gone

Occupied by intruders-

If you ask – you become intruder

He is the passenger

Homeless at home.

So much rush

People sitting in the lavatory too,

Where would you go?

Can’t go ‘where’ too.

Meantime some belongings missing-

Still happy going home

Listening to Black Sabbath’s ‘coming home’-

When asked – Everything is fine.

This is like another politics in another horizon

If you say against Government

You are anti-party,

Everything is fine


If you criticize

You are bad boys in the vicinity!

When managers mismanaging-

Responsibilities averting-

People suffering

Sleeping with eyes wide open

How can you make them wake up!

Seeing is not believing-

Believing what you belong

No caring no fearing –

Play the song ‘Hush hush…’

Everything is fine.

Rests are farce.

If you are complaining,

You are politically motivated,

You are my opposition,

You hate us, you are anti-state,

You are not patriot.

Everything is fine and we are fine too!

Yea we are fine but not that fine-

We people are counting fines;

Fines for electing-

Fines for choosing-

Fines for hoping-

Fines for believing-

Fines for being a stupid being!

Fines for having the feelings

Fines to try to live like a human being.


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