Trees Are Affected by Climate Change Too

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Shadow trees have gone now the Coconut tree

Time after time there are changes happening in the nature, that the experts could not answer, immediately why. Couple of months back quite a number of big banyons down the streets of Tiger pass in Chittagong died within a span of three months. Diseases not knows, but the trees were gradually faded way, leaves were fallen and the trees were dead. In the first place it was blamed for the loggers who do businesses of big timbers. But it was sawed, the timber was not usable due to its structures in bodies were puffed like hollows. Later geologists from Universities found that the woodpeckers are the reasons. Due destruction of forests and habitats of woodpeckers, it is almost at the verge of demising. Woodpeckers normally eat some kind of insects that grows and live in those big trees. The insects destroy the trees as it lives on them, the birds eat them as their food, so a natural balancing is established, and the trees lived more than hundred years. When the birds are gone, insects have grown in numbers and destroyed the trees from inside.

Diseases in the Coconut trees

Now another phenomenon is seen in South-eastern part of the Country, Teknaf bordering Burma, where Coconut tree and Nut plants are being caught up by unknown diseases. Trees and plants are dying in a sequential manner- green leaves first turn to brown reddish, after a few days the whole tree is changed into that color. It seems like a tree aftermath of burning, that follows the leaves drying out and trees are dead. In the last two months roughly estimated fifty thousand trees have gone, and more hundred thousand found affected. The local experts are annoyed seeing the disease, but can do nothing to hold it.

Explaining the situation, experts from Chittagong University commented that due to sea bed rising, salinated water affected the highland, changing the soil structures significantly, which the trees could not cope with. Moreover, due to soil’s dryness and fungi also responsible for that, which are also the affect of climate change?  

This area is cyclone prone area, during the last Ayla attack in 2008, and 15 June 2011 due to cyclone and tornado huge area was affected when levies were broken down and huge flood of sea water penetrated the local areas. Meanwhile the local experts have advised the affected people to use Copper, Potassium, Oxychloride.


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