Gestational Hypertension

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Gestational Hypertension, commonly known as Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH) refers to a rise in blood pressure during the coarse of pregnancy. It usually occurs around the 20th week of pregnancy but is most common during the 24th – 28th week. In such cases the blood pressure rises over 140/90 mm Hg

In Gestational Hypertension, a woman may develop high blood pressure due to the pregnancy. It is mostly found in first pregnancies and multiple pregnancies.It is advised to take repeated readings at certain intervals on different days to establish the average blood pressure numbers.Due to the new technology like Omron blood pressure monitor series Doctors are able to automatically calculate the average blood pressure.

Doctors have listed some of it’s symptoms as follows:

  • She carries no symptoms or signs of preeclampsia

  • She had no high blood pressure before becoming pregnant

  • She has an average blood pressure reading greater than 140/90mmHg

  • The pregnant woman is past 20th week of pregnancy

Doctors even test the urine of the pregnant lady for detection of protein which ensures if some damage to the kidneys has been done, thereby detecting a hypertensive condition. Although factors like diabetes, molar pregnancy and antiphospholipid antibody syndrome are the most common reasons for Gestational Hypertension but it has been recetly discovered that even daughters and sisters of women with a past of gestational high blood pressure have a heightened risk for the condition. 

During pregnancy hypertension is a common problem, accompanied by other factors such as having a baby later in one’s life.Gestational hypertension treatment is the most recommended treatment in cases of delivery.Although some doctors argue that no proof is there to prove the effectiveness that bed rest provides pregnancy-induced hypertension.

Doctors are frequently referred to in times of pregnancy for any symptoms of of preeclampsia and chronic hypertension. Treatment causes a variety of changes in the lifestyle of the patient, mainly reducing the job stress and home related matters.

Yoga is highly recommended for patients of Gestational hypertension such that the exercise are light and do not require much physical stress. Treatment of gestational high blood pressure also deals with the usage of pharmacological drugs. 


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