How Pampering The Child in You Gives You Happiness

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How pampering the child in you gives you happiness

There is a child in everyone, hidden inside you, invisible to the world, but giving youimmense pleasurewhen it is pampered. The child in you shrinks in unhappiness when it is not pampered and taken care of. My daughter is in her early twenties and still behaves like a child with me. She adores when I take her in my arms and talk to her as to a small child. Even if it is for a few moments she adores it and it gives me so much pleasure to see her enjoying the child in her.

‘The great man is he who does not lose his child’s heart’ –Mencius

You face so many problems in life and feel dejected and depressed. It is the child in you which make youfind happiness in small things in life. You might be an ardent football lover and want to watch your favorite match in TV, but it is work time, and that does deter you in any way. You tell your higher up that you are not feeling well and would like to go home. You are granted permission and once out the work premises, you grin to yourself and hurry home to watch your preferred match.

Have you done something wrong? Of course you haven’t .This small childish prank of yours ofpretending sickness gives you reminisce of your childhood when you used to pretend sickness to avoid going to school. You tell your family and friends about your escapism and there is laugher and fun with each sharing his own pranks.

Imagine a life which is all seriousness and no fun. You become involved in your worries and you feel stressed always .It is the child in you that relieves you of your worries once in a while. When I feel I look good, I childishly pose like a model before my daughter and she laughs her heart out to see me doing all the professional movements of a model and I wish to tell you that I am in my early fifties.

Was I nutty to behave in such a manner which offended my age? Well, if I had behaved like that before others I would be judged as an eccentric and foolish person. But I do not want to be a mother with strict dos and don’ts and if I was like that it would be a formal relationship. Since both of us donot hesitate to show the child in us, we enjoy a good rapport and there are many who envy our relationship.

If you kill the child in you because you have grown up, you will find it impossible to see the lighter side of life. It becomes all duty and no play. The child in you is your stress reliever and you should keep the child kicking and raring with energy. When you are stressed, bring out the inner child and live as your inner child dictates you to be. You will find happiness which is true and emotional.


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