Proper Body Mechanics Principles

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FIrst of all, body mechanics is the most effficient way of coordinating and using the body to perform tasks and responsibilities of daily living. It can also help someone to properly lift and move objects. There are three principles that should be remembered in regards to correct body mechanics. This applies to all activities of different occupations, from the housewives to lawyers.

Initially, conservation of energy is promoted. The less energy used in a single activity may be very helpful later since the extra energy may be spent in other activities. In order to utilize less energy in performing daily routines, here are some tips and tricks: 

  • Make sure that your body proportions are balanced

  • Decrease the amount of friction of your work surface

  • Utilize rhythmic and stabilizing movements at gentle speed

  • Decide to hold the object closer to the body’s center of gravity

  • Do push or pull, Do not lift

  • Utilize mechanical devices, as needed

  • Practice breathing normally when working: Make sure to exhale through the mouth upon exertion of force


Second, stability is maintained throughout the work scenario. Some hints to improve stability are:

  • Widen the base of support when standing while working

  • Estimate the right height of your workplace

Third, risk of injury is decreased by avoiding work scenarios that may appear detrimental to the person working. If such cases could not be avoided, here are some tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help or aid

  • Make sure you are facing the direction of work to avoid unneeded injury

  • Do not use sudden, abrupt and uncontrolled motion when working

  • Use rhythmic, smooth and spontaneous movements

  • When going on a starting position, make sure to contract needed muscles (generally abdominal and gluteal muscles) to equalize pelvis stability

  • Eliminate any obstacles that may affect your working environment

  • Utilize stronger leg muscles in pushing or pulling. Same goes when lifting if there are no options available.

Practicing correct and proper body mechanics will not only guarantee safety for yourself in the working environment, it can also decrease local chances of disrupting the working atmosphere of your daily routines. It may take some time for someone to adjust in this principles. Some people are even required to see physical therapists and other posture specialists in order for them to resolve the already established complications of poor body mechanics. There are many available tips too out there that can help you in achieving good and proper body mechanics in a short amount of time. 


Follow these tips and principles of body mechanics!


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