Galaxy Tab (17.8 Cm (7 Inch) Touchscreen, 16 GB Of Memory, Android 2.2, Wi-Fi, 3G Video Calls), White

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Unlimited – anytime, anywhere

Galaxy Tab is more – without compromise. Compact and flexible smartphone, but a massive 17.8 inches. Rich in features such as a PC and an ideal weight of 380 grams to go. Thus, a combination of telephone and video calls to the function of the Internet, mobile telephony, entertainment and navigation system when you need it. Using the Android ™ 2.2, the Samsung Galaxy Tab enjoys the benefits of access to the thousands and thousands of applications and Android Market ™ for easy data transfer and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ®. Adobe ® Flash ® 10.1 provides comprehensive support when you view the Flash-based sites. Joy is also working on Galaxy Tab ThinkFree ™ is pre-installed on mobile phones, and also provides an office for documents stored locally or online. Galaxy Tab – Unlimited range, anywhere, anytime.

The front of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is carried out in stylish black, back in the elegant black.

Face to face
Some things can be clarified in direct conversation. The combination of a screen, a camera and 17.8 cm in front of the video conferencing feature lets you directly with clients and colleagues personal contact – even when you’re thousands of miles. Simple and easy through the UMTS network.

Communication via videophone can discuss issues more effective and targeted to avoid any misunderstandings. This also applies to private conversations.

Together with a Bluetooth ® phone headset or speaker mode using the Galaxy Tab calls on all networks in the world (quad Bandund the N-CDMA base).

Unconditionally versatile
The heart of the Galaxy Tab is a powerful operating system, Android ™ 2.2, which was customized with Samsung’s TouchWiz 3.0, the interface to user specific needs of the large touch screen. Establishing the role and much of the Galaxy Tab is not enough, the Android Market ™ with access to thousands of practical and entertaining.

Clicking on the icon Android Market ™ leads to the clearly structured App Store, applications, games and content sorted by category possess. Much the Android ™ applications are available for free download.

Unlimited pleasure Rich Media Internet
Galaxy Tab offers all Flash animations from web pages, so you can continue to consume a web site is unlimited. The content of popular video websites in no time you get to the screen – of course in HD. Web pages with graphics tools developed, dynamic graphs, and other complex sites and gaming portals on the move without compromise.

Adobe ® Flash ® 10.1 gives you access to several web sites rich media. Internet use on the move the sofa and even the computer at work or at home.

Work faster, better relax with support for multiple browser windows, and multi-touch technology.

A local expert takes off
Galaxy Tab, not only tells you where you are, but how you go elsewhere. With GPS navigation and Google Maps ™ is a complete navigation solution on board, which controls the clear voice instructions with the optimal path. A satellite view gives you additional advice and with the purpose of trafficking in real time, to avoid jams.

Regardless of whether you travel by foot, bicycle or car, convinced of the Galaxy Tab navigation solution as a practice with a large screen.

Joy is also working on Galaxy Tab ThinkFree ® is already installed, and also offers mobile phones or documents stored locally on Office Online. These are available for viewing and editing.

Faster Internet
Content comes with HSDPA (up to 7.2 Mbit / s) and HSUPA (up to 5.76 Mbit / s) or faster connection speed wireless n standard on the screen. 1 GHz processor and faster graphics chip integrated to ensure the representation of the fact that it trembles. If desired, enter the access to high-speed Internet to other devices such as laptops via WiFi or USBTethering.

Integrated calendar
About the built-in calendar to synchronize the calendar Galaxy Tab popular time management solutions Google ®, Facebook ® and Outlook ® (via Exchange ActiveSync ®). The activities and events are prominently displayed and can be arranged on a priority basis.

Multimedia content on your Galaxy Tab to bring light to DLNA ™ enabled devices such as TVs, PCs and laptops. Thank you to the AllShare ™ DLNA ™ wireless zero configuration time. If your TV does not have DLNA ™ compatible, comprehensive media gateway with optional functionality of these WMG160 appropriate.

E-mail, instant messaging, contacts and social networks in one place
Galaxy Tab provides a central point for all communication channels available. The extensive repertoire has included a function of social center. This contact can be linked in one place all the news from social networks, instant messaging and e-mails are displayed clearly summarized. So your phone to start the alternative plant for voice and video, Google Talk ™ instant messaging, direct writing e-mails and post comments in social networks.

Inexhaustible Reading: Readers Hub
Fortunately, there are readers of the Central Galaxy Tab. For this, you can use countless magazines, newspapers and books. If you are looking for a recipe supermarket for a good meal, or relax in a bar or sitting Park: The Galaxy Tab offers a stimulating read. Pocket size makes treatment Galaxy Tab cutting edge, measured 17.8 cm and a tireless display a natural experience.

The best thing since the invention of color film
More films in such a small space is difficult. Crystal clear, large 17.8 cm display movies up to HD resolution for stunning colors and details of diversity. With compatible headset or an appropriate home theater system provides you with the Galaxy Tab ™ alive, thanks to the correct 5.1 surround sound.


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