10 Silly Ways to Live Life Happily ~

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Bear in mind, life is hard…Nothing goes easily, you won’t be gifted without a contribution. For example, your dad/mum bought you a present as you achieved wonderful educational results ~

Ever wonder why your dreams doesnt come true most of the time? feeling upset of your working career? contribution are not well-appreciate by ppl and so fourth….No worry ! There’re some steps below to cure your upset-ness, like how I use against me myself when I’m in your condition…

Some of the steps could be silly to you but it doesn’t matter at all, if it doesn’t help you but certainly it helps other out there…

1. Simple search “hungry children” via google > images…..Look at them and refrain how wonderful your life is…

2. Spend some time looking at something you have e.g child, parents, beloved one, collection, souvenier or even a tiny gift that could make you happy with what you are ~ As for my case, I’ll spare some time like 5minutes or more and staring on my collection like figurines and collectibles and they make me feel happy. Its hard to explain why you get happy with it but you can do that to other things you like the most too

3. Open up the door and have some walk outside of your house, enjoy the air (prefebly time that has lesser sun exposure), spend some time to look at the environment around you, how wonderful it is and say hi to ur neighbour and some chatting to prevent your brain from fooling you into mind gaming…

4. Tired of working? no worry, if you work infront your PC then you should spare some time surfing net and things that makes you feeling relief for example, some facebook updates will do to, some flash gaming, some entertainment news would do too ~

5. Ever thought of giving up because you can’t seems to achieve a task even several attempts on it? Nahh….Success comes after manyyy struggles….Your not successful now but you certain WILL after a few tries…Spend some time imagine how are you going to scuess in future, how much money you gonna earn in future?? 1 billion? 10 million? 1 billion?? Its possible to achieve as long as you have a dream ~

6. Invite a friend, a close friend or whoever you feel wanted to for a tea time, have some drink, a coffee, a beer or whatsoever that make your day. Express what you think so your friend/relatives/families know…At the same time listening to what they express to exchange solution.

7. Turn on music that cheer you up, classic song, jazz, rocks, r&b and any song will do….

8. If any of the solution above can’t seems to work on you, no worry you can make yourself as busy as possible so your brain busy processing on these priority tasks instead of unwanted issues..

9. If you ever a person who believe in what your beliveing (religious), I’m sure our “God” reminds us good life comes after a bad one….Just tough up yourself and give oup what ever you have, any potential, any talent and anything that you can put to good use and FIGHT for it !!

10. Last but not least, I’m writting on Bukisa and sharing my opinion and 30 minutes ago I’m having hard time understand why people can be so rich and spended few hundred thousands in one night while I can’t even afford a hot toys ironman which cost about 200$ or Rm600+ ??? So, time passed and whenever I’m writting, I’m thinking too and before that my life is sucks but after that (now) I’m satisfy with it because I live to the fullest NOT the RICHEST !!

Hope it helps you by little or more ~

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