Get Backed Up And Patched By 11/11/11

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No one knows when, where or how the bad guys will strike.   It is known that there are about a billion botnets out there waiting to devour the world’s computers–if they haven’t already.  And one day they will attack and shut down the  internet or raid all our bank accounts.

I don’t know that the 11th of November 2011 is a target that interests the bad guys or not.  They do like to attack when they have all of us looking in the wrong direction.  Like the Satan worshipers they all are,  they love that moment of horror when we whip our collective heads around and catch a glimpse of horror.

At least you can frustrate their ill intent in your own little domain.  Get your systems backed up and patched both at work and at home.  Ask if someone has checked to see if the backup at work actually works.  You’d be surprised at how often the back up fails.

For those who don’t know, getting patched means making sure your anti-virus software is updated.  Run the update software and scan your system.  Buy and install anti-virus if you haven’t already.

The more adventurous should, after, backing up their system, reformat their hard drives.    Why?  To get rid of all that stuff you know the bad guys have been trying slip past you and your anti-malware.  Reformatting the hard drive will kill all the zombies on your computer.  Your computer will never more feast on the  brains of other computers.

When you are wiping out zombies on your computers, be sure to disconnect them from the internet.  Just in case you are infected, there is no point in spamming the world once last time whilst you fix things up.

Before you wipe the hard drive, make sure you have your drivers, operating system, files, and all application program on media which it outside of your computer.

If you don’t want to reformat your own computer, pay a geek to do it.  This action alone, if enough people do it, may forestall the digital apocalypse.

If the evil doers don’t want to hit us on 11:11:11 there’s always Guy Fawkes day:  November 5th.  An asteroid is supposed to come really close to the earth on November the 8th so that could be auspicious.  And then there is 12/12/12 and 12/21/12.


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