Osi Model in Brief

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OK if you into hacking wana get into the hacking scene you must know the internal structure of Hacking first Hacking is always related to Networking . Thus you should learn the basics of networking and understand who is works and which layers we have to focus   .

.Its divided into 7 layers

It can be further classfied into 3 layers well actually into 2

Always while explaining the O.S.I layer you start from the top layer which is the 7th layer

7th Layer Application 

This layer can be further classified into the Software part of OSI . Application is basically software it can be anything like Firefox,CuteFTP,Google chrome . Its basically the software layer which shows you the fisnhed product . Remember this is the last layer and we are going backwards 

6th Layer Presentation

Most of people can guess the function of this layer . It is also can be further classified into the Software level of OSI model . This is where all your page script is organized in the back ground . If you have a slow inter net you must have notice that first the background of the page loads then the text and then the picture . Its basically cause you wen browsers is converting all its script into readable data for you . A normal person would under stand ode like etc etc . So basically here the conversation of data goes on from Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) to ASCII 


5th Layer Session 


The session layer was started quiet after sum time internet was up and running session is basically a kind of handshake between your p.c and server to establish a conversation . Many of you might have seen once you leave your net idle for long . You need to re-connect or same with you account log on and you have to re login if you dont do any kind of activity . This was done for 2 purpose 1 to save the bandwidth from getting wasted and 2nd security reasons . So if you have to leave you P.c while you still logged after some time the server will end you session with the server thus making you re enter your password and lessening the chance of you getting hacked . This is also a part of Software later or the Data Layer has they all it . 

** Dos , DDos , ping of death are carried out here . constantly requesting a session over loads the server’s processor and also eats away its bandwidth 


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